Top 10 Disney Songs

Hi, this is Violet Eye your 10 year old Disney columnist. Today I will be sharing my favorite top 10 Disney/Pixar songs.





  1. You've Got a Friend in Me, From Toy Story 2
  2. Zip-De-Do-Dah, From Song of the South and Splash Mountain
  3. Hakuna Matata, From The Lion King
  4. Pratically Perfect, From Mary Poppins the Musical
  5. Chim Chim Cheree, From Mary Poppins
  6. Winnie the Pooh, From Winnie the Pooh
  7. Be My Guest, From Beauty and the Beast
  8. Disney Sing Along Songs Intro, From Disney Sing Along Songs
  9. The Colors of the Wind,From Pocahantas
  10. Cruella Devil, From 101 Dalmations


Do you have any top favorite Disney songs that I should look at?


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