Tony Baxter Honored With Window on Main Street: Full Video and Photo Coverage

Tony Baxter has developed beloved Disney attractions including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Journey Into Imagination, Splash Mountain, and countless more over the course of his 43-year career with Walt Disney Imagineering.



Revered by Disney fans, Tony Baxter is best known for his commitment to storytelling, attention to detail, and ability to develop new ideas and attractions by combining time-tested design practices with modern technology.

For many years he was the guiding light of the Disneyland Resort as he helped to steer it through the hard times that the 90's brought and into this century.


At the D23 Expo, Tom Staggs, the Chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts announced that Tony Baxter would be getting a window on Main Street in Disneyland, the ultimate honor that can be bestowed on a Disney Parks Cast Member.

The ceremony took place this morning, and as I promised on our Facebook page, I have video and photos of the ceremony.

Tony's window is right above the Main Street Magic Shop, which is fitting since Tony was one of the top Disney magic makers to work at Imagineering in the past decade.



Here is a video of the entire ceremony plus some video of the interview with Tony Baxter:

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  1. Personally, I am puzzled.
    I have known many Disney Legends—-been to their homes. All of them were gracious and good and humble, and typically asked me about my thoughts, with sincere interest. Tony was the only one of anyone and everyone who was obstinate to my kindness, having a goon immediately call me and tell me to beat it, fifteen minutes after I had written a kind email to him.

    He has kept up this peculiar treatment over several years since, when I tried to be nice to him.

    It’s a side that I will never be able to forget, and I will never view him the way people who have not seen his real self, do.

    • That is very interesting to hear. Perhaps you experienced Tony at a bad time. But, since it is a repeat occurrence, you may have experienced his real side. Who knows what other issues Tony was facing at the time?

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