Things You Might Have Missed at Epcot

There is so much to see at Epcot that some things often get overlooked. Especially when you have only one day to see all there is to see in Epcot. Most of the items to see are part of Epcot and can be seen every day but one item depends on the weather.

The Florida weather forecast is very similar for each day of the week. Sunny in the morning and a chance for showers in the afternoon and evening. The advantage of showers is the chance of a rainbow. Rainbows might not always lead you into Innoventions, but it pays to look UP every now and then.

Looking down pays off to in Epcot. After you pass Spaceship Earth and head to the right, like you are going towards The Land and The Living Seas, look at the ground. I don't know how but I missed these light displays the first few times I was at Epcot.

The fiberoptic lights create a whole firework type display right beneath your feet.

One of the best parts of this area is that there are seats. This comes in handy during Illuminations, the evening firework show. There have been many times when I had to stand on my tiptoes by a ton of other people to see the show. All of us squished together in a mixture of tired children and irritated hot and sticky adults. If you wish to skip that crowd, you can sit on the seats in the ground lights area and watch the fireworks explode above you. It is much calmer and the irritation buttons don't get pushed as much here.

That is now my favorite spot to see the fireworks at Epcot because I can actually sit down!

While you are there, don't forget about the posts that also have fiberoptic lights.

Going to The Living Seas later in the evening provides you with an entirely different experience than earlier in the day. The fish tanks have their “night lights” turned on and there is a soft blue glow coming from the room.

The Nemo ride had no wait and the fish viewing area was almost empty. It was refreshing change from the crowds we normally find in there.

Outside of The Living Seas is a new structure. It is wavelike and fits well with the ocean theme. This structure is entirely made of metal and is all ONE piece. It serves as a barrier from the rain and wind for the cast members that stand outside of The Living Sea. It was installed about two days ago according to the excited cast member. He did, however, mention that it was slightly off on the bottom right corner. I really could not notice, but I am not the one that stands under it for hours each day. I just can't get over the fact that it is all ONE piece of metal and not two welded together. It is another piece of Disney Magic.

One of the best things about being in Epcot's Future World late in the evening is that you hear Epcot. You can hear the noises of the park itself, like the water, the birds that say “mine”, the monorail, and the other sounds that are often covered up by the crowds of people. It is an excellent time to reflect on the trip and remember what is important. I have a feeling that next time I go to Epcot just before closing, I will find more people wandering around Future World and sitting with me as we watch the fireworks from afar.

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