The New Hammocks Are In! The New Hammocks Are In!

Caribbean Beach

The hammocks at Caribbean Beach have always been very comfortable and always hug my tired body in the soft fabric.  Today, I noticed that the old hammocks are gone!  Don't worry!  They have been replaced with new hammocks full of holes.

Green Hammock

Yes!  Now, when my son jumps on the hammock after playing volleyball, I will not be covered in sand!

Woven Hammock

The other hammock on the beach is woven.  I have a feeling that certain people will have a preference of the knotted rope hammock or the woven cloth hammock.  Still, this hammock has holes in for the sand to fall through.

The hammocks by the playground are still the original cloth type.  I can see why the other ones were replaced.

Worn Out Hammock

As I have stated in previous articles, the hammock life at Disney is the place for me.  It is how I unwind from Disney and from life in general.  I know that my family, and many others, will be putting the new hammocks to the test these upcoming months.

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