The Lion King Wing of the Art of Animation Resort Finally Opens Today

The third phase of the Art of Animation Resort was completed as the wing themed to the Lion King opened today. The new Lion King wing at the Art of Animation Resort tells the story of Simba, with unique theming and landscapes that evoke the feeling of the Academy Award-winning Walt Disney Pictures animated film “The Lion King.”

In this huge new addition you can find almost every member of the Lion King pride.   King Mufasa towers atop Pride Rock while his evil brother Scar slinks in the shadows beyond the elephant graveyard. There’s Pumbaa and Timon with a young Simba dancing across a log bridge in true carefree “hakuna matata” fashion. Scar’s crazed and comical hyenas “guard” the elephant graveyard, a play area sure to delight youngsters.

Included in the new Art of Animation wing are 320 new rooms that are all themed to the Lion King. Your room will ensure that you have a full Lion King experience as you sleep guarded by Zazu or curl up with Simba. As you can see below the rooms are much more highly decorated and themed compared to the Finding Nemo wing and Cars wing. In my opinion this wing's rooms are the best so far.

The Art of Animation Resort offers rates from $248 per night. The 1,120 family suites include two bathrooms, a kitchenette and three separate sleeping areas that can sleep up to six. The 864 standard rooms at the “Little Mermaid” wing, opening in September, sleep up to four, with rates as low as $94.

The other way to get a glimpse of this new resort would be to take the Art of Animation Resort Tour that we have detailed previously. Or if you just want to find out some facts about the resort, read 10 things that you didn't know about Art of Animation Resort.

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  1. I knew it was Mufasa on Pride Rock! My kids kept arguing that it was Simba! I should have bet some Mickey Ears Ice Cream.

  2. I like the fact that they will have an elephant grave yard to play in instead of another pool. I think that many people don’t realize how many “playgrounds” are actually on Disney property. It is nice to just sit back and let the kids play (and maybe learn something while they are at it.)

  3. I bet that your kids won’t be to happy about that DisneyTipsPics. I kind of like that it is Mufasa since it is kind of like he is watching over everyone.

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