The Lego Store in Downtown Disney Orlando

One of my favorite shops to stop at in Downtown Disney is The Lego Store. Even if I don't buy anything, it is worth a visit. There is so much going on in and around the store that is worth seeing.

Last summer, new Lego sculptures were added around the store. The “sea monster” in Village Lake and the Lego Family has playfully watched over visitors for many years, but the other ones are newer editions. Buzz, Woody, and RC are on the side facing T-Rex. Snow White is kissing Dopey nearby and the rest of seven dwarves are working close to the entrance. An immense dragon and Prince Eric are locked in a heated battle near the entrance on the World of Disney side. The Lego Family has been pushed back to the wall, behind the Dragon. It is a little sad to see them back there but they are still smiling their Lego smiles, so we still take time to visit them.

Before you enter The Lego Store, you must experience a Lego Race! The Lego cast members have figured out that they need to be the holder of wheels. This helps so much in that you can build your racer and ACTUALLY get wheels! In the past, it was a battle and search for those evasive items. After you build your racer, the Lego cast member will line all of the cars up at the starting line, very carefully and giving each one an equal shot at the trophy. Once the checkered flag has flown, the cars are off! My daughter's never left the starting line and my son's finished first. Ok, so the trophy may be self built (and bought) from inside the store, but it is still possible!

There are other Legos, large and small, outside for eager visitors to build to their heart's delight.

Once you make it inside the store, there are Legos of all sizes and shapes (and prices.) Some items do go on sale and clearance but they are harder to find than a regular retail store. Along the walls of the entire store are enclosed show boxes featuring Lego sets and other examples of what you can build with Legos. These displays change periodically so check back each time you stop by. There is a room inside The Lego Store that hosts even more Legos for building and playing. This is a cool alternative to the hot and humid outside one during the summer.

Lego has created an entertaining way to preview some of their products. The Digital Box allows guests to scan their box and SEE the product come to life. Not all of the products are Digital Box enabled. Those that are have a small Digital Box sign in front of them. This is the coolest thing ever! The little Lego people come to life on top of box and fly off in the enclosed aircraft or whatever is enclosed in the box.

Buzz and Woody also make an appearance inside the store for guests to oohh and ahhh at and for pictures. I must admit the collection of sculptures in The Lego Store in Downtown Disney in California is more extensive and awesome. The last time we were there, the breathing and ominous Darth Vader was hard to forget.

If you do buy something in The Lego Store, they do have a free rewards card that sends you offers and Lego newsletters. Even if you are just window shopping, there is a door at both ends of the store and you can glance, play with The Digital Box, build a racer, and become a kid, even if it is just for a few moments.













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