The Jack Sparrow Experience


Not very often do I stand in line for 45 minutes at Disney World. My philosophy is that we can see or ride it next time. The Jack Sparrow experience was one that I did stand in line to see.

Captain Sparrow has taken over Prince Caspian's space at Hollywood Studios. For about ten minutes, guests are immersed (standing) in the story, set place in Jack Sparrow's cave.

The narrator is a skull that appears on the sails of the ship and on the sky behind it. Guests help battle the skeleton crew, the Flying Dutchman, and become pirates at the end.

Jack Sparrow appears on the deck of his ship. I had no idea that he was not really standing there. It took my husband a few minutes to convince me that it was a hologram. Wow! That's impressive!

The Jack Sparrow Experience is not really a ride, show, or meet and greet. It is its own type of experience with the touches of Disney magic, new technology, and a well-loved character and storyline. It is definitely worth the wait!


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