The Art of Construction Walls

While many people have complained about the construction walls in California Adventure, I think that they are a nice temporary addition to the park. Obviously I don't mean that I like having California Adventure split up and cluttered by construction walls, I even call the park Construction Wall Adventure. What I mean is that the artwork that cover the walls is awesome.

For example if Carsland had opened with California Adventure we wouldn't get to see all this amazing art that otherwise would have been tucked away in a private archive somewhere. Some of this art has begun to become available for purchase at Off the Page and World of Disney. You can read our recent post about the poster announcement here.  

Enjoy our Construction Wall Adventure Gallery.

See more Carsland Photos and overall concept photos on the walls below the jump.

The next time you visit California Adventure remember not to be cynic but to be an observer, because everything Disney does they do for a reason.



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    • When you walk into Disneyland you feel like you are home, and so to agree with the phrase penned for the 50th anniversary, it truly is like a homecoming.

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