"Test Track" Changes to Chevrolet Design Center


Re-Imagined Version of the Future World Attraction Test Track Presented by Chevrolet Coming to Epcot this Fall

After the previous redesign of a few vehicles on Test Tack, Walt Disney World has announced that the attraction will be getting an overhaul this year, confirming the previous rumors.

Starting this fall Test Track won't have you testing out safety features rather it will have you test out design elements. The queue will be themed around Chevrolet Design Center. Test Track is scheduled to close in April 2012 to make way for the new experience, which will gives theme park guests the active role of “becoming” automotive designers.

Even though the name “Test Track” is likely to stick around, the experience is changing. The new version of the attraction will have“upbeat music, engaging media, dramatic lighting and a collection of Chevrolet concept cars and model vehicles.” Guests will use interactive design and styling workstations to create custom concept vehicles, after which they will hop aboard a 6-person “SimCar” ride vehicle and test out the design through the twists, turns, and bumps of the Test Track course. It seems like every single ride that is being added to any Disney Park just HAS to be interactive in some way so Test Track will now feature interactive games in the queue.

After the ride, a new post-show area will feature special effects and scores on how well their custom concepts did. Chevrolet vehicles will also be on display in a new state-of-the-art showroom.

To make the update happen, Disney and General Motors have renewed their long-term business relationship with a new multi-year corporate alliance. GM will be actively involved with Walt Disney Imagineering in the development of a re-imagined, design-centric Test Track experience.

“We are excited to renew our long-term alliance with General Motors,” said George Aguel, Senior Vice President, Corporate Alliances for the Walt Disney Company. “This unique agreement extends collaboration between two of the most recognized brands in the world, a relationship that spans over 30 years. The re-imagined Test Track Presented by Chevrolet will continue our shared goal of providing unique and innovative experiences that engage Disney guests in exciting and interactive ways.”

“As a global brand, Chevrolet is looking forward to welcoming Guests from around the world to the re-imagined Test Track,” said Joel Ewanick, Global Chief Marketing Officer for General Motors. “The best of Disney and the best of Chevrolet will come together to bring Guests an immersive experience in the design process of the vehicles they see on the road today and will see in the future.”

Fans of the current Test Track still have a few months to get their “rough road tests” in before it closes to be re-imagined into the new experience.

Picture By @shawnathon33

Update: We are a week away from the opening of the new Chevrolet Design Center version of Test Track and Disney released a picture of the costumes that the Cast Members will wear while on stage at this attraction.

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  1. I was really surprised when i found out they were changing test track; it was already such a hit! but the new changes seem pretty cool from what I’ve read so far. the fact that its interactive is different; im very curious to see what happens when it opens! all in all; it seems to be alot of fun; Disney knows what they’re doing! 🙂

    • AS I said the reason for the change was because of the change of sponsorship.

    • Recently Disney said that they have been training Test Track cast members for other positions in Epcot, and that the attraction will close the 16th for the renovation.

  2. Horrible changes! The whole experience used to be amazing. From the sights and sounds of the cars and classic and modern test equipment when you’re waiting in line, where you could actually learn something about the different systems, to the funny video, to the actual ride. During the ride you really felt like you were testing the different systems because of the comments from the narrator.

    Now, the whole thing feels like an unfinished video game or cell phone ap. Instead of the fun I mentioned previously, you waste time “designing” (something like picking out furniture on your cell phone) a car and then scan it in before the ride. During it there’s some annoying computer voice telling you about the “tests” and it also has a picture of the designed car the performed best. I don’t know anyone who cares about the results and the whole process is a waste of time.

    Instead of feeling like you’re on a test track, like I said it feels like you’re in a half finished video game or some kind of Tron thing with intentionally fake scenery. The track itself is little changed, but it no long has the fun.

    Bottom line: they’ve destroyed the fun, the heart, and any connection to cars

    • I agree 100%! We didn’t even know the ride had changed so when we rode it last year we were shocked at the difference. No longer had any character whatsoever. Just feels like a half-finished dark ride that speeds up at the end. And all of that now just feels like a precursor to get you into a car showroom. No thank you.

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