Imagineer Terri Hardin on Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disney Quality– DD023

terri-hardin-bookThis week Terri Hardin joins us again on the Disney Dose podcast to discuss her sculpture and rock work for Walt Disney Imagineering. This week we go a little further into her story working on Big Thunder Mountain and the Dragon's Lair for Disneyland Paris. Find her first episode here >

We also discuss the Tokyo Disney Resort and why the resort standards are so much higher than United States Disney standards.

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In this episode you will hear:

  • What it was like working on Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Paris
  • Why Terri loves Tokyo Disney so much
  • How difficult some entitled Imagineers could be
  • When Terri first met Tony Baxter
  • What happens when Michael Eisner cuts the budget for Disneyland Paris
  • Why people love Big Thunder Mountain in Disneyland Paris
  • The story behind the secret caves Terri wanted to build for Disneyland Paris
  • How the French Government stole the land for Disneyland Paris
  • And so much more…

terri hardin dragon

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

  1. Check out Terri's Website for more information about her.
  2. Tales From Terri the first book to be released detailing Terri's work as a sculptor. This is a great Christmas present.
  3. Find Terri Hardin here:
    1. Twitter
    2. IMDB Profile
    3. MiceChat Author Page

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