Imagineer, Sculptor, and Puppeteer Terri Hardin Worked on Ghostbusters, Big Thunder Mountain, and the Muppets Part 1–DD018

terri-hardin-bookJoin Terri Hardin, ex-Disney Imagineer, as we talk all about her experience working on Ghostbusters, Disneyland Paris, Big Thunder Mountain, and Halloween at Walt Disney Imagineering.

This week's Disneyland secret features the Ray Bradbury Halloween Tree in Frontierland. Where did the concept for this Disneyland Halloween tradition begin? Find out by listening below.

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More Specifically, In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • How Terri broke in to the costume design industry
  • The invention that would drive her grandfather crazy
  • What she learned working on Ghostbusters
  • How she got to watch SNL with Bill Murray
  • Why there were more than 10 marshmallow man costumes for ghostbusters
  • The trick to getting hired at Disney Imagineering
  • Who the rudest person on the set of a movie is
  • The best part about being an Imagineer
  • What Halloween was like at Walt Disney Imagineering
  • And much much more…

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This Week's Disneyland Secret:

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ray bradbury halloween tree disneyland

This photo comes from

Just inside of Frontierland during Halloween season you will see a large tree illuminated with orange Christmas tree bulbs and decorated with painted pumpkins. This tree is the Halloween Tree dedicated to Ray Bradbury and his novel The Halloween Tree. During the 2007 Halloween season this tree was added in honor of Walt Disney and Ray Bradbury's friendship.

Ray Bradbury wrote in a letter to Walt after his experience riding Peter Pan in Fantasyland:

Dear Walt, I shall be eternally grateful that you made it possible for me to fly out of a child’s bedroom window in a pirate galleon, setting sail over moonlit London, past the stars and then on to Never-Land.”

Here's another great article I found while researching Ray Bradbury and Walt Disney for this episode.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:

  1. Terri's Website– Currently this website is under maintenance. Email Terri's agent Andrea for more info if you have questions.
  2. Tales From Terri– Volume 1 of Terri's story at Walt Disney Imagineering
  3. Terri Hardin Profiles
    1. Twitter
    2. IMDB Profile
    3. MiceChat Author Page

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