Ten Tips for Making the Most of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

After our recent trip to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party I have compiled a top ten list of how to make the most of this great event.


1. Have a game plan. How long do you plan on staying? What does each person want to see?



2. Find a spot for the parade and STAY there. The headless horseman rides down the road before the parade starts. You don't want to miss it. The entire park is busy so don't think you can leave Main Street and find an unoccupied space for parade watching.



3. Catch the later parade if possible, even if you saw the first one. SO MANY characters are in the parade and it is easy to miss one. It is also less crowded and hot.



4. Find a seat for the fireworks with a view that is not blocked by a ceiling or trees. There are some awesome projections on the front of the castle, so finding a spot on or near Main Street is recommended. Don't seat in the outdoor seating of Cosmic Rays unless you want to watch fireworks through the tree.



5. If crowds are too much and trick or treating begins to be a hassle, hit the trick or treat trails. There is one in the Splash Mountain queue and one on the walkway between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. These trails provide each family member with lots of candy and less running all of the park for a piece of candy.



6. For guests that want to break a move with the chums from Toy Story, head over to The Diamond Horseshoe. Despite the crowds all over the park, it was not that busy and guests, young and mature could dance their heart away. Plus, it is a trick or treat spot. Dancing and candy makes for happy guests.



7. Eat before you get there. There is so much to see and do and in a small time frame. Make sure your family has full bellies before you arrive at the Magic Kingdom. We don't need anyone tackling the cast member pulling the Goofy Candy Company taffy wagon!



8. Catch the Villian Show and Mixer twice. The first time to see the incredible stage show. The second time to attempt to meet some of the Villians. The first show is packed and people are lined up to meet the Villians when they come off of the stage. It is not a Mixer. It is a Stand-in-line-er. Avoid the crowd and come back later to “Mix” with the Villians.




9. Get a map. Read the map and time guide. Make a plan. Make a backup plan. That simple.



10. Have fun and be flexible. Since it is a special event that costs extra, the crowds are worse than normal. Being locals, we tend to leave the park if it is too crowded or someone gets cranky. There are no refunds for cranky family members or for annoying crowds. Remembering that you are here because this is a fun and once a year celebration helps, as does being flexible and communicating with all family members.

Boo to you!

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  1. Great list. Very helpful. Makes me wish I was going to Mickey’s Not So Scary tonight

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