Starbucks Coming to Disney World

I admit it. Most of my posts are on the positive note, even when it is dealing with change.  Change is good.  Parks and people must change in order to keep up with the times and become even better than before.

This whole notion of Starbucks coming to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot is a little disheartening to me.  Don't get me wrong, I love some of the Starbucks drinks.  They are delicious and full of calories that taste oh so good, but does it really belong at Disney?

Starbucks will be replacing the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom and Fountain View in Epcot.  I understand the Main Street Bakery.  I don't really like the idea but it is tolerable.  The Fountain View?  That's where we get our ice cream!  Are they keeping the ice cream?

I do like that the Starbucks employees, or is it Disney cast members, will be dressed in costumes that go along with the theme of each park.  The ones at Magic Kingdom will have an early 20th century look and the ones at Epcot will have a futuristic look.


It is still sad for me to see both places be turned into something other than Disney, but maybe it will be a good thing.  Some of my fondest memories of Disney are getting coffee on Main Street and walking around and seeing all that Main Street has to offer and is often overlooked.  The place where we use to get our coffee on Main Street in Disneyland had a policy of free refills as long as you kept your receipt.  Man, that was a receipt that we always kept dry and safe!  Is that place changing too?  You know the one with the old fashioned stove, wood floor, and checkers table?  I really don't see how a Starbucks can fit in with that classic look.

On a final note, my views of these changes are not the views of Disney Dose or the other contributing writers.  These are my own sad thoughts on the changes of such a great American tradition.

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  1. I have no problemo with Starbucks in the Parks (after all, McDonalds was there for years) but not if it replaces a more authentic restaurant. That being said, this Canadian wants a Tim Hortons in the Canada Pavilion in EPCOT/WDW !!!

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