Star Wars Weekends Merchandise Released and Announces ‘Darth’s Mall’

Earlier today Disney released a look at their Star Wars Weekends merchandise lineup. Along with showing off a new line of Star Wars merchandise, Disney also revealed that they would be building a massive shopping location” that will just carry Star Wars merchandise. This new shop will be called “Darth's Mall.”

Above are the designs that will be featured on T-Shirts, and prints.

Above is an assortment of Star Wars items that have been Disney-fied. I really like the two Vinylmations, the pins, and the lanyard. Maria Clapsis designed all of the six new Vinylmation figures for Star Wars weekends, they are sure to sell out fast.

There is a beach towel makes you look like a Jedi knight when you wear it, and also an Iphone case that has a release size of 1,999.

Disney knows that their guests need to carry all the great merchandise that they carry, so they created a bag, that has a sleeve to carry a poster, and fits in with the other merchandise. I really like all the buttons that are for sale this year.  I can't wait to have my own name tag, this name tag is similar to the ones released in Disneyland during the 50th anniversary.

Also coming this year are some great shirts for Star Wars fans.

What do you think of all this merchandise? Will you be attending Star Wars weekends? What merchandise is your favorite?



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