Star Wars Reads Day



Do you have a struggling reader in your family?  Have you tried connecting reading to his or her interest?  Star Wars recognizes the fact that not everyone is an avid reader.  Then again, a lot of Star Wars fans are excellent readers and share their love of reading with their children through Star Wars books.  On October 6th, Star Wars, along with many book publishers, celebrated the first annual Star Wars Reads Day.  Since the 6th was on a Saturday, many schools celebrated it on Friday in the classroom.



People from the 501 Legion were on hand at some schools to encourage reading, listen to students read, and sometimes even gave a spelling test.  In this classroom, a TIE pilot and a Storm Trooper gave a spelling test, listened to the student's Star Wars Mad Libs, and read a book about Star Wars characters.  They even handed out bookmarks to the students who had reached their reading goals, which sparked a lot of interest in meeting the goals after they left.  Thank you 501 Legion and everyone else in the Star Wars galaxy for supporting reading and encouraging students to use their imiginations.

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  1. Wow, what a great way for younger readers to get excited about learning.

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