Walt Disney World Spitting Camel Being Controlled?

There has been an ongoing debate about the large audio-animatronic spitting camel near Aladdin’s Carpet Ride in Adventureland. Does it aim for people or is it completely random?

On Saturday night, we saw the head move and precisely get certain guests. It did not appear to be random.

We rode a few rides and were exiting the park when we stopped to observe it again. This time it did appear to be random. We stood and waited and it did not spit on us.

So, the debate continues. Is it controlled? Is it random? You can be the judge of that the next time you visit the Magic Kingdom.

Update: 10/9/2013

We just received a photo sent in from a reader of the Disney cast member that was controlling the camel. They are dressed in Disney Photopass photographer wear.

I wonder whether the camel is always controlled, or if it has a setting where it can run on it’s own.

Wouldn’t this be a fun job? I wonder what division this job falls under.


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  1. I was wondering the same thing about the spitting camel in Magic Kingdom. For 2 straight days when we walked through Magic Kingdom we tried to stand at the usual spot so we could get sprayed by the camel. Everytime the camel ended up never spraying us. I became very curious and started looking around to see who was controlling it. I finally found him! The guy was dressed like one of the Photo Pass photographers and had long sleeves on. He had a wrist control on his left wrist that he kept going to. He noticed that I was onto him and tried to be very slick about it. But I did get a picture of him. If there was a way to upload a pic with my reply I would do so. Keep your eyes opened.

    • Thanks for the tip. I just sent you an email regarding the photo. What could be a better job than doing that all day?

    • Hate to break it to you, but the camel is not controlled by anyone. He’s randomized. Completely random who gets hit. That’s photo pass, and photo pass is probably waiting for the jasmine and Aladdin magical moment on the carpets. Have a magical day 🙂

  2. The camel is not controlled. I worked at that ride and we had no control of it. It is just random. Guest always asked me if I was controlling it and we don’t control it. It just shoots at random.

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