Snapshots of Be Our Guest Restaurant


What an amazing experience at an incredible price!

Pre-Dinner: We waited on the bridge since we had our pager. The reservation checker said that they were booked until May! Two enormous cast members guarded the bridge. Only those with a pager were allowed on the bridge and in the restaurant. The “woods” next to the castle have nature sounds and music playing so it is quite a relaxing wait, despite the chilly temperatures.


Drinks vs. Dessert: Soft drinks and fresh brewed iced tea are $3 each. All desserts are $3.99. Our thought? Order water and save the money for dessert. Hey, the dessert cart comes to your table and is served table side! I will pass up fresh brewed tea for that kind of dessert service!


Dinner: There are a few items on the menu that sounded particularly delicious. The cheapest entree was the Cornish game hen with potatoes and asparagus. Three adults at our table choose that entree. It was not the same as when I use it cook it as a child. It was moist and delicious. Everything on the plate was devoured quickly.


Dessert: Now, this is what I gave up my fresh brewed tea for so I had high hopes for dessert. Since each dessert only cost $3.99, I doubted that they would be very big and fulfilling at all. There were about six dessert choices.

Our table had two strawberry cream cheese cupcake, one lemon merengue cupcake, two triple chocolate cupcakes, and one chocolate cream puff. Each was equally delicious and well worth giving up my tea.


Entertainment: We ate in the main dining room and watched the snow fall in front of the mountains outside the ballroom windows. The Beast was receiving guests in the study, which is also the quick service area, after guests finished their dinner. The entertainment didn't end with the Beast. The suits of armor as you exit talk to each other, which was unexpected and humorous.


Overall reaction: We spent less at Be Our Guest than we did at Whispering Canyon in Wilderness Lodge AND we ate dessert! There was a kid's menu and my teenager was allowed to order from it since we were not on a meal plan. They do take the Tables in Wonderland card but do not take cast member discounts at this time. I can't wait until we can try the quick service at lunch time!

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