You Don’t Need to Go On These Animal Kingdom Rides During Your Next Disney World Trip

Animal Kingdom, the crowned jewel of Walt Disney World, stretches across a whopping 500 acres. It’s a buzzing metropolis of wildlife, hosting around 2,000 animals from nearly 300 diverse species. This theme park masterfully blends the thrilling allure of amusement park rides with the awe-inspiring sights and sounds of a sprawling zoo.

But remember, all that sparkles is not pixie dust! Despite its grand size, Animal Kingdom is home to the fewest rides among the Disney parks, focusing more on enchanting encounters with exotic animals. We’ll share the Animal Kingdom rides you can skip and ones you cannot miss!

Animal Kingdom Rides You Don’t Need To Go On

Best Animal Kingdom Rides - tree of life

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While Animal Kingdom boasts some heart-pumping adventures, especially in the realm of Pandora, it also houses a few attractions that don’t sparkle quite as brightly. Considering the vast landscape of this zoological park, you might want to prioritize your time. So, if a ride doesn’t promise to etch a memorable moment into your Disney experience, consider it ripe for skipping!

Rides to Skip—Kali River Rapids

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Kali River Rapids offers a splashy lesson on the environmental impacts of rainforest devastation. However, it’s not just educational – it’s also a champion at getting you soaked. Your decision to board or bypass this ride could hinge on your affinity for a sudden, all-encompassing splashdown.

If the prospect of strolling around in squeaky shoes doesn’t float your boat, you might want to skip this ride. Alternatively, you could arm yourself with a poncho or an extra set of clothes in your bag.

Rides to Skip—It’s Tough to be a Bug!

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If you’re of the faint-hearted variety, particularly when it comes to the creepy crawlies, you might want to give this one a miss. “It’s Tough to Be a Bug!” at Animal Kingdom is an attraction you can conveniently sidestep due to how unsettling it can be, especially for younger kids. This 3D movie experience, coupled with 4D jolts, is guaranteed to make your skin prickle from hornet stings to spider leaps. Rest assured, we won’t pass judgment if you choose to bypass this hair-raising escapade!

Rides to Skip—TriceraTop Spin

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Nestled in the heart of Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand U.S.A, TriceraTop Spin may seem like a modest carousel amidst Disney World’s dazzling array of spinners. Die-hard dinosaur aficionados in your crew may find this sky-high saunter an enjoyable detour, but let’s face it—it doesn’t exactly roar with excitement. This attraction is a fading star in an area of Animal Kingdom that’s gradually stepping aside for fresher, more thrilling experiences. So, if you decide to dodge this dino ride and instead set your sights on another adventure, don’t be hard on yourself.

Rides to Skip—Rafiki’s Planet Watch

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Perched in the vast expanse of Animal Kingdom, Rafiki’s Planet Watch isn’t exactly a blight on Disney’s attractions list. Still, it demands a chunk of your time, which is a precious commodity in such a sprawling park. Plus, its off-the-beaten-path location doesn’t make it the most accessible of pit stops.

This attraction provides a sneak peek into animal habitats and veterinary facilities, showcasing Disney’s commitment to preservation and conservation. Undoubtedly, it’s a dream come true for animal enthusiasts. However, hopping aboard the Wildlife Express Train for a seven-minute, 1.2-mile journey is the only ticket to this backstage experience. Depending on your schedule, the trek could either be a delightful detour or a logistical hurdle.

Rides to Skip—Na’vi River Journey

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Nestled within the breathtaking vistas of Animal Kingdom’s Pandora, the Na’vi River Journey beckons with its alluring display of bioluminescent rainforests. As you drift on a gentle boat, the grand finale of this tranquil ride is none other than one of Walt Disney World’s most mesmerizing animatronics: the Shaman.

Yet, this gentle journey drifts onto our “skip” list, not for a shortage of thrills, but for its formidable long lines and surprisingly fleeting nature. With a ride duration of just about 4 1/2 minutes, the “worth-it” scales could tip either way, depending on your patience and priorities.

On the bright side, for those explorers seeking a tranquil journey through Pandora, or those with little ones eager to soak in the stunning beauty of this fantastical land, the Na’vi River Journey offers a serene alternative to the thrill-seekers’ menu.

Rides You Can’t Miss at Animal Kingdom

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Attempting to experience every ride at Animal Kingdom might prove challenging, especially when coupled with absorbing the park’s magnificent scenery. But, now having guided you through attractions you can afford to miss, we can now switch gears to focus on those unmissable, quintessential experiences. Let’s dive into the must-do rides of this extraordinary park!

Rides You Can’t Miss—Kilimanjaro Safaris

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Should you choose to embark on just one ride at Animal Kingdom, let it be the Kilimanjaro Safaris, a magnificent spectacle that narrates the park’s tale like no other, showcasing its dazzling beauty and the enchanting creatures that call it home. Hop aboard an open-air vehicle and traverse a breathtaking, African-like savanna—an experience akin to stepping straight into a National Geographic documentary!

Rides You Can’t Miss—Expedition Everest

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In pursuit of exhilaration? Your quest ends at Expedition Everest, a jewel nestled within the Asia realm of Animal Kingdom. This visually stunning roller coaster doesn’t waste time, launching into a sensory overload from the moment you step into its intricately themed queue.

Enjoy a spine-tingling ascent to the peak, where your courage is rewarded with panoramic vistas of Walt Disney World. Suddenly, you’re propelled backward into the darkness for a rip-roaring journey that etches itself into your memory. Expedition Everest is a wild ride of Disney magic that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Rides You Can’t Miss—Avatar Flight of Passage

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To the Disney park enthusiasts seeking a more adrenaline-fueled adventure than the tranquil Na’vi River Journey in the recent Pandora extension of Animal Kingdom, prepare for an awe-inspiring treat! No need to look any further than the spectacularly stunning 3D experience, Avatar Flight of Passage. Climb astride a soaring banshee and indulge in the electrifying sensation of living life as a Na’vi hunter. Be prepared to be swept off your feet, literally!

Rides You Can’t Miss—DINOSAUR

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Are you on the hunt for a crazy thrill ride that’ll get your heart racing? Well, DINOSAUR is your ticket to pure, undiluted exhilaration! It might be on Disney’s list of scariest rides, but that’s all the more reason to buckle in and embrace the adrenaline. As you journey back through time in a Time Rover vehicle on a quest to bring back an Iguanodon, don’t just consider this ride—make it a must! However, brace yourself, as this wild adventure might deliver more than you’ve dared to bargain for. Expect the unexpected, because prehistory just got a whole lot closer!

Rides You Can’t Miss—Festival of the Lion King

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Revel in the majesty of the timeless animation masterpiece, The Lion King, through an enchanting Broadway-esque musical. This dazzling performance not only brings to life beloved melodies from the film, like “Hakuna Matata” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” but it also offers a visual feast of pageantry and larger-than-life puppetry. Immerse yourself in a magical experience that promises to etch an unforgettable impression on your heart, leaving you feeling as though you’ve truly been part of the circle of life.

Animal Kingdom prides itself on showcasing some of Disney World’s most breathtaking attractions. It’s a spectacular blend of exotic wildlife, adrenaline-fueled rides, and unforgettable experiences. Here, every minute counts, and every moment is a potential adventure waiting to be discovered, so make sure to choose your attractions wisely!

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