‘Red Car News Boys’ and ‘Five and Dime’ to be California Adventure Environment Entertainment


Disney's California Adventure will be reopening in  June, and opening with that debut is brand new batch of environment entertainment for Buena Vista Street the gateway to Disney's California Adventure.

Recently Disney placed casting calls on their audition website for two new shows for Buena Vista Street, the “Five and Dime” and the “Red Car News Boys.”

Disney described the “Five and Dime” as “a high-energy musical group (‘Five’) fronted by a female singer (‘Dime’) with the vocal stylings of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.” The auditions for “Five and Dime” took place last weekend.

Disney's decription of the “Red Car News Boys” sounds very similar to the Newsies. “This high-energy group of 1920s/30s-era paperboys will take to the streets of Disney California Adventure Park as they sing and dance to authentic period tunes.”

The Roles for the “Red Car News Boys” are:


JOHNNY: portrays an older teen, the heart-throb leader of the pack, tenor

KIP: portrays a young teen, Johnny’s younger brother, the “exaggerator”, tenor

FEETS CHARMING: portrays 14-17, very outgoing, strong tapper, tenor

BRASS TACKS: portrays 14-17, gymnast, the “funny guy”, tenor

SHORTY MCGUIRE: portrays 14-17, 6’+, athletic, tenor

SAL: female, portrays 14-17, 5’ – 5’4”, tomboy who dresses in her brother’s clothes, alto

Disney's California Adventure will open the 15th of June with these new shows, the Red Car Trolley, and the Carthay Circle Theater as some of the highlights.

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