Ralph Breaks the Internet Is Better Than the First One!

Ralph Breaks the Internet is a heartwarming sequel filled with laughs and meaning that makes it even better than the first Wreck It Ralph film. Disney Animation has created a film filled with references and inside jokes that add to the quality without taking away from the key character relationships that made the first film great.

The story begins showing Vanellope and Ralph in their routines working within their respective video games at the arcade and hanging out in the evenings. Ralph is thrilled with the repetition, but Vanellope yearns for something more. When a broken piece from her video game sends them on a quest into the newly connected internet, the two learn more about each other, their friendship, and the world that they live in.

Inside the endless world of the internet, the pair find that you need real money to buy real world products. They try a number of “hacks” to make money online quick and along the way encounter characters that make up the best scenes of the movie. My favorite features the Disney princesses as they joke together about their backstories and quirks. You have likely seen clips from this in the trailer, but there are more great jokes. Also during this hunt, there is fitting commentary on the positive and negative impacts that the internet can have on someone. Though brief, Ralph encounters a stream of negative commenters and learns the lesson to avoid the haters in the world.

The film includes teases and hidden references to aspects of the internet that you use everyday and the internet that we have all forgotten. While the movie does use many current trends and real companies in the telling, the story will stand the test of time because the success is found in the characters. The moments are tender and connection is real. During our screening, someone sitting next to me was brought to tears as she thought of her long distance best friend during an especially tender moment.

Inside this beautifully made movie, you'll find a great story that has something for the entire family. Go out and see Ralph Breaks the Internet. (Rotten Tomatoes score)

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