Radiator Springs Racers: Full Video, Along With Pictures, and a Review

Ninety Minutes! That's how long the line for Radiator Springs Racers, the main attraction for the brand new Cars Land area at the Disneyland Resort was during a preview day. A preview day, how is that possible you ask? I will tell you why it is possible. Radiator Springs Racers is the most amazing, advanced  E-ticket attraction that Disney has built since Indiana Jones.

The attraction takes guests on an adventure through Radiator Springs where you interact with all of the characters from Pixar's amazing film Cars. It combines the experience provided by a classic Fantasyland dark ride and a super speed roller coaster to create a hybrid attraction that is different than anything that you have ever seen.

To begin their journey, passengers take a scenic drive through through Ornament Valley past huge waterfalls and stunning vistas.

The first time that you experience one of the Audio-Animatronic versions of a car, you will be stunned. They are some of the most techonologically advanced pieces of equipment Disney has ever featured in one of their parks.

Take a tour of Radiator Springs at dusk as you get ready to race another carful of guests.

Next, you see Lighting McQueen and Sally and they turn to you and either direct you to Luigi's Casa Della Tires or Ramone's House of Body Art. If you head to Luigi's Casa Della Tires then you pass through the shop and you car is outfitted with new tires. If your car goes into Ramone's House of Body Art then your car is sprayed with a mister to simulate paint application. After your two possible detours, two cars meet and are greeted by Doc Hudson your pit crew captain (seen at the top of article). After a race countdown by Luigi and Guido, you race through the ornament valley reaching speeds higher than 40 miles per hour.

After your race, you finish your adventure in Tail Light Cavern, where Lighting McQueen and Mater have some words of advice for you before you depart.

While I am sure you loved reading about the entire ride, I bet that you would want to watch it even more. Here is a video of the entire ride through Radiator Springs Racers, just because you red all the way to here.

What do you think of the video? I can't wait to ride this brand new attraction.

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