Pros and Cons of May the Fourth Be With You


Star Wars Weekends are still a few weeks away but guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios were able to get their Star Wars fix today at May the Fourth Be With You.  Only having one day to celebrate such an incredible saga has its pros and cons.



1. Stormtroopers march through Streets of America like it was the Death Star.

2. Star Wars Fans are able to unite, compare costumes, and talk about the upcoming Star Wars projects.

3. Where else can you see Star Wars inspired fireworks?

4. Limited edition merchandise was on sale to celebrate the special day.



1. Lines for the Star Wars character meet and greets are exceptionally long since this is a limited time event.

2. Rides at Hollywood Studios had long lines too, especially Star Tours.

3. Finding a seat in a sit down restaurant or a quick service is not possible.


Being a Passholder made it a lot easier to come and go at Hollywood Studios without the guilt of “getting our monies worth.”  It was fun to see the Star Wars characters and fans and makes my family even more excited about Star Wars Weekends, which will begin on May 17th.  May the Fourth Be With You!



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  1. Maybe some time soon we will see Disney bring Star Wars inspired fireworks to Hollywood Studios, especially now that they cancelled the parades. It would seem that they need some sort of show/entertainment.

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