President’s Weekend at ESPN Wide World of Sports

ESPN Wide of Sports is swarming this weekend with athletes and fans from a wide variety of sports, including soccer, gymnastics, and dancing.

ESPN Events

The USA Competitions Presidential Classic is in its 14th year and is a ticket only event.  Gymnasts, ages 5-18, of all levels compete against other gymnasts from all over the world.  Guests may buy tickets for the event at the gates, while gymnasts can pick up their tickets and information in the entryway of the building.


Jenna Rodgers is at ESPN this weekend for Twirl Mania, a one of a kind event for baton twirling, pompoms, and dancing.  She was practicing her baton routine outside of Jostens Center.    She has been practicing twirling the baton since she was six years old.  Her favorite part of the sport?  Using three batons, of course!

ESPN Soccer

What we really came to see was the 2013 Disney President's Day Soccer Festival.  Field after field was filled with soccer players and cheering fans. The team we went to see played this morning at 8 AM and will play again today at 3 PM, then again tomorrow and hopefully on Monday in the Championship Game.  The score?  20-1!  Yea, I see a championship in their near future.


If baseball is your favorite sport, February and March are the times to be at ESPN Wide World of Sports.  The Atlanta Braves will host their Spring Training there starting this week in the Champion Stadium.  Starting on February 22nd, the Braves will be practicing and entertaining guests of all ages.  The tickets range from $10 to the hundreds, depending on the seats and packages.  I know some fans that made appearances at Star Wars Celebration VI  will like the games on March 15th and 16th, since fans are encouraged to dress in their best Star Wars costumes!  If princesses and pirates are more your thing, the games on March 10th and 21st are for you.  Most importantly, the Atlanta Braves salute the troops during their game on March 23rd.

For anyone that questions why I choose to spend any and all of my free time at Disney, truly must not comprehend how much Disney has to offer.  Besides for the parks, resorts, free boat rides, live entertainment, cultural education, there are sporting events for everyone to enjoy.  Premium Annual Passholders can enter the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex for free and can get into most events for free.  Some of the events, like the Atlanta Braves Training Camp, cost extra, but are well worth the money.  Thank you, Disney, for having something for everyone and for encouraging young athletes to aim high.



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