Pre-Season Soccer Kick Off at ESPN Wide World of Sports

This past weekend, ESPN Wide World of Sports hosted the Soccer Pre-Season Kick Off.  Boys and girls from all over the world came to Orlando to show off their best soccer skills.  I have known teams that have come to ESPN Wide World of Sports to compete and was excited to see the facilities and the players.  There are a myriad of fields for the soccer players, baseball facilities, and plenty of things to do when games are not in session.

Parking at ESPN Wide World of Sports is free but it does cost to get into the events there.  Luckily, general admission is included in a premium annual pass.  There are turnstiles like at the parks for the annual pass or purchased tickets.

Awards were presented in the HP Field House for the 1st – 4th place teams in each section.  Once all of teams were announced and trophies were given, everyone gathered for a group shot and Mickey Mouse, sporting his soccer uniform, ran out to pose with them.

The ESPN Grill was just one of the places to eat at ESPN Wide World of Sports but was clearly a favorite of the families and myself.  Surprisingly, it had a wide range of food from soup and fresh fruit to delicious grilled cheese.  It was also the only place I could find iced tea.  Unlike Disney Quest and a few other places, refills were free.

When players and maybe hot and irritated siblings need a break, they can visit the PlayStation Pavilion.  Guests pay $5 for 30 minutes of time on a PS3 game.  There was only a handful of games to choose from when we were there, but both kids decided on a basketball game.  They both were able to play for the $5 since they were on the same machine.

The best part about the ESPN Grill and the Playstation Pavilion is that they connected.  Parents are able to sit and eat their food, or drink their beverage, in the Grill and watch the kids play their video game.  There is even wireless internet for those needing to upload pictures or check their email.

Throughout the year, ESPN Wide World of Sports hosts all kinds of sports, special events, and competitions.  Teams can sign up online for the events.  For those premium annual passholders out there, I highly recommend the place, even if you are not going for a specific event.  The food and atmosphere are wonderful!  I am looking forward to the Atlanta Braves Spring Training and the Old Spice Classic.  See you on the fields!


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  1. In all of the times I have been to Disney World, we have never ventured over to Wide World of Sports. I am not sure why. We walk into resorts like we own them but felt strange about walking in there. It was nice to know that with the premium annual pass, we can get in for free to most events. The food was delicious at the ESPN grill and I finally gave into the playstation game. (The kids used a gift card.) It was a nice place with a lot of events that go on throughout the year. I hope to cover more events in the future and report on them.

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