Pirates of the Caribbean Queue Goes Through Refurbishment

Pirates Queue

Boarded Up Pirates Queue

It is amazing how quickly things change at Magic Kingdom!  Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my family’s must rides so we are there about once a week.  We even just took a group of students through the queue so they could see where Maleficent was locked up in the Kingdom Keepers book.  When we made our weekly trek through the Pirates of the Caribbean queue, we noticed that certain areas were boarded up.  Interactive queues have become very popular at the Magic Kingdom so we could be led to believe that one is coming to Pirates as well.  I do have my doubts though.  The area that is blocked off is not easily accessible for guests in the line.  I don’t think they are adding Maleficent or any of the characters from Kingdom Keepers, but maybe they are changing the chess game to a move that isn’t deadlocked?  They could be adding elements from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Time will tell.  Until then, we can listen for cast members working behind the boarded up areas or skeletons being moved around and repositioned.

Even though some areas are boarded up, the queue and ride are still entertaining.  As you walk through the queue, look for hidden Mickeys.  Many are disguised as locks.  If it is quiet, listen for conversations and other noises coming from the scenes.  The right line seems to take longer and snake further into the fortress than the left line.  It passes cannons and gives guests a close look at the ship far off in the distance right before you board the ship.  I highly recommend walking through each queue to enjoy the Disney details and to find the queue that is right for you.  Just remember to keep your group together as you are walking through the queue.  It helps to stand side by side instead of single file since other guests will move around your group if there is any free space between your group and the walls of the fortress.

Interactive queues are gaining popularity in Magic Kingdom.  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’s interactive queue is still to be completed.  Right now, there are just a lot of brown wooden boxes throughout the queue.  Maybe these will be a part of the interactive elements.  Before July hits, both Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad might have entertainment in the queues for guests to enjoy while they wait for their adventure to begin.  The Disney details that are in both queues make each bearable and even helps ease some of the wait times since there is so much to admire. I can’t wait until the boards are taken down in the Pirates of the Caribbean queue so we can see what has been changed.  Let me know if you spot any hidden Mickeys!

Boarded Up Pirates Queue

Boarded Up Pirates Queue 2

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  1. It would be so cool to see an interactive Audio-Animatronic figure in Pirates of the Caribbean.

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