Real Human Skull in Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland

For most Disneyland fans, there is a lot of joy in finding hidden secrets about the park that we all love to visit. Today I present to you a very interesting fact about the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Disneyland. The skull that sits above the bed in the treasure room near the beginning of the ride is actually real.

the skull on the headboard in the pirates of the caribbean disneyland is real

This has been a rumor for quite some time, so I decided to verify it. After getting off of Pirates of the Caribbean, I headed to the nearest Cast Member asking for the truth. Here is what they said:

I was very surprised that they were so open about it, but I guess the rumor is true. For more rumor busting and interesting Disney factoids, sign up for our newsletter and see our other articles.

Before everyone goes jumping to conclusions, think about how lucky the person who’s skull that is. They are forever immortalized in Disneyland.

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  1. My kid thinks it would be awesome if it was Walt’s skull. Now I need to watch your clip to find out if they know whose bones they be…

    • That would be awesome. I believe that that the bones originally came from someone who was in a car accident that donated their bones to UCLA.

  2. Wow.. I just visited Disneyland with my cousin last month…Pirates of the Caribbean was my favorite ride when I was little so I had to go on it! Love the Restaurant there too! A very fun ride : ) That’s pretty interesting… I here they found the skull while building it years and years ago!

  3. Who’s skull is it on the bed in the pirates of the carribian? I’ve been trying to find it for years. None of the cast members that I’ve asked know & if they do, they’re not suppose to say. Anyone know?

    • Actually all of the skeletons were once real. They were once slaves from China and Disney bought the bodies with consent of the ‘owner’

  4. I was a cast member and I can confirm that that skull was given to Walt as a gift and is the only real skull left on the ride. When the ride first opened, the majority of the skeletons were donated by ucla because the props they originally were going to add looked too fake.

  5. First, how is the former owner of the skull “lucky” to be “immortalized” when his identity is unknown?…

    Second, it would not seem disrespectful to me to use a human skull in the manner presented here IF I knew that it was done with the consent of the person who once used the skull — a possibility which seems doubtful to me.

  6. There are some people who believe it actually IS the skull of Walt Disney himself! I don’t know if that’s true, obviously, but that is a theory that’s going around.

  7. When the ride opened, all the skeletons were genuine, mostly donated to science for anatomical study, though there is some question as to whether or not the original owners had actually given legal permission for their skeletons to be used as such. Throughout the ride’s history, the necessity for routine maintenance would require that a skeleton be removed. By that point in time, the ability to obtain and/or convincingly recreate and articulate artificial human bones had reached an acceptable level of quality for Disney, and so skeletons that had been temporarily removed for cleaning or maintenance were replaced by artificial counterparts. Eventually, all the skeletons were swapped out with fabricated versions. The headboard skull, however, is in fact real and continues to watch over ALL the Disneyland patrons that brave the attraction. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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