Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction for Shanghai Disneyland: The Boats Will Turn

See the bottom of the article for an update on the Shanghai Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, plus a full ride through video of the attraction.

Recently Disney filed for a patent discussing the unique ride system for Pirates of the Caribbean at Shanghai Disneyland. Screamscape.com, discovered this patent and shared it on their wall for Shanghai Disneyland( I highly suggest screamscape.com, it is a great place to find out information about any theme park). This new system will allow for boats to turn completely and stop and start. The amazing technology uses magnets under water to propel, and stop the boats. The boat sits on two tracks, so that the boat can turn with the back or front leading(as seen below).

Another popular rumor is that Disney will just use complex projector systems to bring the ride to life. This projector system will take the place of Audio-Animatronics if the rumors are correct. Sadly, the original attraction doesn't resonate with the Chinese people, but the movies do, so Disney decided to base the attraction around the movies instead of the original ride concept. I'm a little depressed that the Audio-Animatronics are being replaced by projections, but it may be cool.

Update 5/16/2016 The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Shanghai Disneyland is now open for testing. Inside of the incredible Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle For the Sunken Treasure guests will enjoy a fantastic ride system featuring projection systems and Audio-Animatronics.

Original reports that the attraction would completely replace Audio-Animatronics were not true. There are a handful of next generation Audio-Animatronic figures that take the attraction to the next level.

You really need to see the attraction in person to understand the incredible magnitude, but the video is definitely worth a watch.


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