Pete’s Silly Sideshow and Big Top Souvenirs Opens in Storybook Circus: Almost 50 Pictures


October has been a busy month for Magic Kingdom.  This past weekend, parts of the new Fantasyland had a dress rehearsal and the weekend before that was the opening of Pete's Sideshow, Big Top Souvenirs, and the Fast Pass shaded tent.  As soon as we got to the Magic Kingdom, we took the train straight to Fantasyland.  As soon as you get off of the train, you can see the difference.

Pete's Sideshow is a meet and greet for The Astounding Donaldo, The Great Goofini, Madame Daisy Fortuna, and Minnie Magnifique.  Donald and Goofy are on one side of the tent and Daisy and Minnie are on the other.  By separating the characters into the two sides, the wait time runs about 30 minutes or less.  We met Donald and Goofy the first time we visited Pete's Sideshow and Daisy and Minnie the second time.  The Disney Details did not disappoint.  We will definitely go back frequently just so we can say hi to the characters again.

The exit of Pete's Sideshow leads into Big Top Souvenirs, which is not surprising.  Unlike some gift shops at the end of rides in Magic Kingdom, I could lose track of time in this tent.  There are many items specific to Storybook Circus in Big Top Souvenirs as well as just about anything you can find on Main Street.  It is amazing how much they can fit under one tent!  The Disney Details in here are just incredible.  The floor, shelves, ceiling, check out stations, and even the pin trading “board” are all decked out with the circus theme.  The number one thing for my family in Big Top Souvenirs are the Goofy Glaciers.  We can get a Goofy Glacier right here in Storybook Circus before we continue on with our day.  Normally, Goofy Glaciers are only available on our trips to Downtown Disney. They also had a chocolate covered fruit skewer with pineapple, strawberry, and banana.  It was delicious and slightly messy.  The new Fast Pass tent for Dumbo and Barnstormer has picnic tables with circus chairs so we actually had a cool place to sit and eat our chocolate covered fruit and drink our Goofy Glaciers.  That was a very nice touch and very much appreciated.

We were so overwhelmingly pleased with Pete's Sideshow and Big Top Souvenirs that we didn't even ride Dumbo or Barnstormer this time.  We felt like we had seen enough amazing Disney Details, eaten and drank some delicious items, and rested under the shade of an enormous tent.  We were able to venture off to the other areas of Magic Kingdom without having the guilty feeling of not giving Storybook Circus enough attention.

Way to go Disney World!  Storybook Circus is our favorite circus ever!

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