Tips to Improve Your Disneyland Photos With Tom Bricker of the Disney Tourist Blog–DD005

take better photos at disney parks.jpgTom Bricker, the creator of the Disney Tourist blog joins us today to discuss the tips and tricks to improve your Disneyland photography. He gives a brief explanation of the best tools and lenses to use in each situation to produce the best photo.

We also talk about the three international Disney Parks: Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, and Hong Kong Disneyland. Plus, the soon to be added Shanghai Disney.

This week's Disneyland planning tip features our favorite place to get discount Disneyland tickets online. We have been using this company for years.

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More Specifically, In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • The most important thing to know about Disneyland photography
  • Why you don't really need a tripod when visiting Disneyland
  • How taking photos has caused Tom to enjoy the Disneyland background music even more
  • Steps to taking a photo on a Disneyland dark ride
  • Why Tokyo Disney Sea is the best Disney park in the world
  • Perhaps the worst Disney park in the world: Disneyland Paris Studios Park
  • Checkout the episode for a whole lot more…

This Week's Disneyland Travel Tip:

disneyland small world alligator

Photo by Tom Bricker

This week’s Disneyland travel tip features our favorite third party website that sells Disneyland tickets at a discount. For Disneyland planning help and advice, checkout our new site, where we have put all of the trip planning tips in one place.

This website is completely legitimate and features $3-$6 discounts on all tickets. That’s the lowest that you’ll see anywhere. This service allows you to purchase your tickets online in advance for Disneyland at a discounted rate and then pick up them up at the Disneyland ticket windows on your first day of the trip.

Checkout our Disneyland tickets discounts page for all of the information on available discounts. Sometimes they change. All information is kept updated there. 

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:

disney contemporary resort wdw

Photo by Tom Bricker

  1. Understanding Exposure– The book that Tom recommends for people who want to improve their photography by learning more about camera settings and your camera.
  2. Disneyland Photo– First photo that we discussed; the Disneyland castle at night
  3. Disneyland Background Music– Good collection of background music from the parks. Tom said he appreciates it more now that he photographs late into the night.
  4. Guide to Taking Photos on Dark Rides– Tom's guide to taking photos on Disney dark rides
  5. How to Find the Best Discounts on Disneyland Tickets– Our resource to find the best prices on Disneyland tickets
  6. 10 Reasons Tokyo Disney Sea Is Disney's Best Theme Park– Tom's recent article about why he loves Tokyo Disney Sea so much.
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