Osborne Family Lights 2012: Times and Dates

Christmas at Hollywood Studios

The Osborne Family Lights will premier on November 9th, 2012 and run all the through January 4th, 2013. The magic begins at sundown and continues until the park closes each night. It is full of wonderful, often overlooked details, family history, and Disney's successful attempt at keeping a dream going.

Mickey Welcomes Santa

Some of my favorite details are the ones in the windows and alleys. The “Hidden” Mickeys are in plain sight but with everything going on, they might get overlooked. The alley with the basketball hoop has a lot of Disney Magic put into it. As a semi-recent Midwestern converted to Floridian, the Florida snow that falls is just beautiful. I can enjoy it and don't even have to drive in it!

The Osborne Family Lights didn't start at Hollywood Studios. They started in 1986 in Arkansas. The Osborne home was covered with lights and every year after that, more and more lights were added. Not everyone was a fan of the massive Christmas display. Mickey Mouse heard about the legal battle and collected all of the lights so guests from all over the world could see them, right here at Disney World.

Merry Christmas

Disney has kept this family tradition alive and continues to add to it to make it the best holiday show in the world. (At least in my book.) I was truly blown away by the music, synchronized lights, and all of the Disney Details. The best part of it all, it is free. Well, it is included in your park admission. I am all about the things in the park that are free. You pay a pretty penny to get in. The Osborne Family Lights is one of the things that make it worth very one of the pretty pennies.

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