New Wreck-It-Ralph Poster and Soundtrack is Now Available

We have gotten more and more details from Walt Disney Studios about Wreck-It Ralph today. The poster was released(as seen above) and now you can pre-order the Wreck-It Wralph Soundtrack from The poster above evokes the themes of the retro arcade games that the movie is about.

Each arcade game that Wreck-It Ralph enters has a very unique score and for that reason I am very excited to hear that the soundtrack is now avaliable for pre-order. 

Directed by Rich Moore, produced by Spencer and featuring the voices of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch, “Wreck-It Ralph” crashes into theatres on Nov. 2, 2012. The film's soundtrack from Walt Disney Records will be available Oct. 30, 2012.

“When it came to the music of ‘Wreck-It Ralph,’” said Moore, “we wanted to work with some really talented artists and I love that they aren’t necessarily the people audiences expect to hear in a Disney animated movie. But when they hear the music and how it supports the story and drives the emotion, they’ll say, ‘This is perfect.’”

Classically trained composer Henry Jackman (“Winnie the Pooh,” “X-Men: First Class”) was called on to write the score for “Wreck-It Ralph,” helping to shape the diverse worlds with music. Jackman researched arcade games and incorporated their classic sounds into the score, bringing the arcade and its individual games to life. “The music transports you,” said Moore. “It channels each era perfectly. [Henry Jackman] is fantastic.”

According to Jackman, the score was driven by the story, which allowed him to tap his classical roots, too. “When something emotional is developing, it actually opens the door to the orchestral score without it feeling imposed,” he said.

Read About the Individual Songs Below

Ralph's quest leads him to the intense, cy-bug-infested world of Hero's Duty, where he hopes to land a medal. Underscoring the chaos and excitement of the first-person shooter game, GRAMMY®-winning artist Skrillex wrote the game-play music, “Bug Hunt,” hand-picking Netherlands' producers/DJs/videogame soundtrack composers Noisia to remix the track for the album. “The mood of that game world is high-energy and futuristic. I make music with many different colors of the emotional spectrum—this reflects a more aggressive side of my music.”

Japan's pop phenomenon AKB48 accompanies Ralph to the land of sweets with the aptly named theme song “Sugar Rush.” “We've always thought of Sugar Rush—with its nod to anime—as a game that may have originated in Japan,” said Spencer. “So we went to Japan and got the hottest J-pop group to perform the song that really sets the tone for this '90s-era cart-racing game: young and hip.”

Owl City (“Fireflies,” “Good Time”) provides an upbeat and story-driven cap to the film with “When Can I See You Again?” According to singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Adam Young, the song offers a bit of an emotional tug-of-war. “It's a very bouncy, happy, uplifting song, but there's a bittersweet part of it, leaving a key relationship in the film open-ended.”

Also contributing to the end credits are Buckner & Garcia, the team behind the 1982 Top-10 hit “Pac-Man Fever.” Jerry Buckner of Buckner & Garcia co-produced the song “Wreck-It, Wreck-It Ralph” with hit songwriter/producer Jamie Houston (Steven Tyler, Macy Gray).  “It was great to be invited to contribute a song to the movie and soundtrack,” said Buckner. “The song has an '80s pop flavor with a contemporary twist—we're really happy with how it turned out.”

Our Shortened Synopsis 

Wreck-It Ralph wants to be his game's good guy, because no one loves a bad guy. He realizes that to be a good guy in a game he would need to move to the new modern shooter game that had just arrived at the arcade. After wrecking everything in the new game and releasing a deadly bug that could destroy the arcade, what could happen to Wreck-It Ralph?

Don't forget that you can now pre-order the Wreck-It Wralph Soundtrack from


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  1. Wow, I am so excited for the movie. I have already pre-ordered the soundtrack. I really love the new poster.

  2. This looks amazing, and I love the idea. Could Disney be on another movie streak? I sure hope so. I’ll be in the theater Nov. 2nd to find out!

    Tip for Disney Movie Rewards members: If you are going with only two, ask two other people if you can have their ticket stubs when you leave. You can claim four tickets overall. I’ve done this many times and NO ONE has said no yet!

    • I definitely think that this may be a the beginning of another Disney movie streak even though that was the same thing that I thought when I heard about Princess and Frog.

      I love your tip. I admit to doing this all the time. Don’t feel bad, the only place that most people put their tickets after seeing the movie is the trash can.


      Gavin Doyle
      Editor in Chief

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