Compare the New and Old Club 33 Logos…Which is Better? You Decide

The exclusive Club 33 located in Disneyland has been closed for a large renovation since January.

While we haven't had much to tell you about the expansion since the initial date, there is a juicy new bit of gossip that just hit the internet. The new logo for the Club was recently released.

Last night we posted an image of the new logo on our Facebook page. There were requests to see the logos side-by-side. Here are the old and new Club 33 logos.

disneyland club 33 logo redesign

Some say this new Club 33 logo is hideous while others love the art nouveau style that will fit with the redesigned Club 33. I enjoyed the old logo, but if it doesn't fit with the new vision for the club, it is great to update it.

No word has been given on whether the current logo will be removed from the entrance. My guess is that it will remain in place because the old green door will no longer function as the main entrance to Club 33.

I  am very glad that I was able to grab some Club 33 merchandise featuring the old Club logo before the Club closed. Full pictures from that last night can be seen here. If you would like to find some of this old merchandise, it may be a good time to check eBay.

That's all the Club 33 news that I have for you today, but be sure to sign up for our newsletter for more in the future.

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  1. You can still buy Club 33 merchandise at the Grand Californian store IF you have a Club 33 card.


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