Great Summer Snack Mickey Jello Jigglers

I would like to share with you a fantastic recipe to create fun summer snacks themed to our own favorite subject, Disney. Create your own Mickey Jello Jigglers at home to quench your thirst this summer.


What You'll Need:

2 1/2 cups boiling water (no cold water)

2 packages of Jello (any flavor)

Mickey Mouse Ears Ice Tray

mickey mouse jello mold

Put the Jello mix in a bowl.  Stir in the boiling water.  Stir for about three minutes.  Make sure the Jello is completely dissolved.

jello mold mickey mouse shaped

Pour the Jello mixture into the Mickey Mouse Ice Cube Trays.  Refrigerate for the morning.  Once the Mickey Jello Jigglers are firm, take them out of the fridge.  Dip the bottom of the tray in hot water for fifteen seconds.  Flip the molds over to release the Mickeys onto a plate or tray.

A word of warning.

Too much water

Do not follow the recipe on the box for the traditional Jello.  To make sure the Mickeys stay intact, you have to use less water and no cold water.  If you follow the typical recipe, they will fall apart and be a big disappointment.


Other molds can be used if you have left over Jello.

jello mold mickey mouse

Be creative.  Just make sure the mold is clean.

Happy Jiggling! Enjoy this summer treat.

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