7 Reasons Why MaxPass is Worth the Cost Despite the Price Jump!

February is a common time of year that brings price increases at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World and this year was no exception. While the cost of tickets and annual passes went up, so did the cost of MaxPass from $15 per person per day to $20. And the cost to add it on an annual pass increased from $100 to $125. And as always, with any price increase comes the debate: is it worth it?

Well, I am here to tell you that despite the increase I think MaxPass is still worth the cost! Keep reading to see why I will always pay for this service at Disneyland.

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1. MaxPass is a Time Saver

Hands down, my number one reason always comes back to time. As they say, time is money! MaxPass easily saves me enormous amounts of time when I use it that I can justify that extra cost for my family.

While FastPass is free for all park guests, it still requires you to physically walk from location to location to collect your FastPass return times for attractions. The time in the park that it takes to visit the FastPass kiosks adds up easily throughout the day.

I can be in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and grab a FastPass return time via MaxPass on my phone for a ride all the way over in California Adventure in mere seconds. The time it would take me to physically run to that opposite park and back would be significant in comparison. Or even just for attractions on the opposite side of the same park- every minute adds up during your day and could easily be spent doing something more valuable.

2. It Conserves Your Physical EnergyImage result for maxpass disneyland

Aside from the time it saves, it is also an energy saver! On an average day spent at Disneyland you can easily walk over seven miles, if not more, in a single day. That is a lot of steps for one day!

Now if you factor the steps your kids take, with their shorter legs, that nearly doubles. And for those of you with younger kids, you know all too well the realities of trying to get your kids to last an entire day at Disneyland.

Not having to physically walk from attraction to attraction to get your FastPass return times is a lifesaver when it comes to conserving energy. I have a tendency to always over do it as it is when we visit Disneyland, I usually need a vacation to recover from my vacation when we get home! So any extra energy I can save, the better.

If you're following one of our touring guide strategies for Disneyland or California Adventure you can see how I coordinate my plan to tackle the parks in a way that makes sense for your time and your feet!

3. You Can Get Your First FastPass Before the Park Opens

This is one of my favorite perks and all of our early bird readers know this well. Disneyland will usually let guests into the parks before it officially opens. Cast members will then rope off the entrances to the different lands at the hub and take them down when the park opens- which is why we call that rope drop!

But the best part of this process is that the instant the cast member scans your park ticket and lets you inside you can grab your first FastPass with MaxPass on your phone! This gives you a huge advantage over other park guests that have to wait until the rope is dropped to run to the FastPass kiosks to get their first return time.

It's also a great way to check to make sure all your tickets are scanned and entered correctly into the Disneyland app if you plan on securing a boarding pass for the new Rise of the Resistance attraction. As we've seen, from the popularity of this ride seconds really matter when it comes to getting a good boarding group time. MaxPass won't work properly if your ticket isn't scanned or linked to the Disneyland app so booking a MaxPass right away is a great way to make sure you're ready to go for when Rise of the Resistance releases its boarding groups.

4. It's Easy to Stack FastPass Times During Breaks

We have gotten into the habit of taking afternoon breaks since we often visit Disneyland in the summer when the temperatures are high. We head back to our hotel for a swim and to relax for a few hours before returning in the evening.

While my family is enjoying the pool, I'm on my phone stacking up FastPass reservation times for the evening so when we come back after our break we have a ton of FastPasses to use and don't have to deal with waiting in any long lines.

The great advantage of MaxPass is that once your park ticket is scanned and you've paid for the service, you can book your FastPass return times from any location. You can do it from your hotel, from Downtown Disney, your car, your house, whatever! The location doesn't matter one bit.

Even if you don't plan on leaving the parks but you're going to take a break to see a show or have lunch- you can still be booking your FastPass times while you rest so you have a list of FastPass times ready to go afterwards!

5. You Can Secure Canceled FastPass Times and Cancel Ones You Don't WantImage result for california adventure incredicoaster

This is a great tip that not many guests know about! If you change your mind about your FastPass selections, for whatever reason, you can go in to the Disneyland app and cancel your selection. Then you can go ahead and make a new one! I do this all the time in the afternoon when we're wandering around in the evenings based on our whims or whatever we're closest to.

Rides that are more popular often run the risk of running out of FastPasses throughout the day. But did you know if someone cancels their FastPass you can grab their canceled selection? If you pull up the FastPass reservation screen and refresh it throughout the day, watch for any random FastPass times to show up. You'll know it's a canceled one if it shows up for a ride that's already run out or for a time that's not currently being distributed. Just make sure you grab it quick!

One memorable day we were there for the holiday season and the parks were jam packed with nearly all the FastPass times gone for the day. Because I was so committed to refreshing the app, I managed to get my family canceled FastPass return times for three popular attractions which was a pretty great surprise.

6. Replacement FastPass Options

This is what you will get in place of your FastPass if the attraction breaks down.

If an attraction breaks down that you currently have a FastPass reservation for, MaxPass will automatically convert your FastPass into a ‘Replacement FastPass' (previously called a “Multiple Experiences” FastPass) which is eligible for any of the attractions listed on the FastPass.

The best part of receiving a Replacement FastPass is that you can use it at any time in the day! It definitely softens the blow when the ride breaks down to get one of these and you can even just save it for that same ride but ride it whenever is convenient to you.

Typically if a ride goes down it will go back up shortly so regardless you can come back to that ride you originally reserved with this option or use it for a different one. The nice thing is how easy it is to navigate the issue via the app vs. trying to figure it out with the regular FastPass option.

7. It Come with Unlimited Photo Downloads

The other benefit of purchasing MaxPass is that it also comes with unlimited photo downloads with includes ride attraction photos, character dining, and other PhotoPass locations around Disneyland.

If you purchase PhotoPass separately for unlimited photo downloads from your Disney account that costs $99 or if you buy photos individually that costs up to $14-17 per photo.

While the capability to book FastPass times from my phone is fantastic, the fact that Disney throws in the addition of unlimited PhotoPass downloads makes the purchase of MaxPass a no brainer!

MaxPass Is Always Worth the Price!

MaxPass has been a game changer for Disneyland because it allows you to ride so many rides with minimal waits even on the busiest days of the year. While I always can sympathize with the larger families trying to afford this cost per person, I do think it's worth it and should just be included in the budget! And considering that Disney is working hard to add as many attractions as they can to FastPass, with Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run being added soon, it makes the cost even more justified.

But if you're planning on visiting Disneyland this year, don't hesitate and grab those leftover 2019 tickets from our travel partner which can have MaxPass added to them at the old price of $15 per day! It's a no brainer if you have a trip planned for this year.

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