Mad T Party Returns to Disney California Adventure May 22nd

Disney officially announced earlier today that the Mad T Party would return to the backlot section of Disney California Adventure on May 22nd. The announcement¬†comes after the dance party¬†was transformed into the Frozen themed “Freeze the Night! Family Dance Party.”

mad t party disney california adventureThe Frozen party has been popular with the family demographic, but has failed to draw the loyal crowds that flocked to Mad T Party nightly.

When the last set of the Mad T Party was played in November, the group announced that they would return in May. Disney will be delivering on this promise.

This offering of the Mad T Party has been billed as an addition to the Disneyland 60th Anniversary festivities. The other shows already announced include a new World of Color, Fireworks, and Parade. In addition, the Carthay Circle Theater and Sleeping Beauty Castle will be draped in diamonds.

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