Lion King Section Opens at Art of Animation: We Have Pictures and Coverage

Disney's Art of Animation Resort is the newest resort on property. Disney Dose has been covering the resort with articles and facts as each section opens. This past weekend, the Lion King section was opened to the public. Like the Finding Nemo and Cars sections, it is themed beautifully down to the plants surrounding the animals.

Rafiki welcomes you to the Lion King section while Mufasa watches over the section atop Pride Rock.

Each building has animals painted on them, scaled to what it would look like if you were the main character.

The plants change from a grassland theme to a jungle theme as you continue to walk through the section.

Timon, Pumba, and Simba prance across a fallen log and Scar and the hyenas guard the other side of the section.

The Lion King section does not have a pool like the other sections. Instead, it has an Elephant Graveyard where kids can run through a tunnel and under the skeleton.

Inside and outside the buildings, guests are immersed in the Lion King by the Disney Details.

The carpets, lights, elevators, and even outside stairs all go along with the theme.

Of course, there are original pieces of artwork on each floor outside the elevators so an elevator trip to each floor is in order when you visit.

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  1. Thank you for showing us these great photos. I can’t wait to check out the Art of Animation myself.

    • I to haven’t had the chance to check out the Art of Animation. But, I think that it will be amazing.

  2. The details that Disney puts into everything at Art of Animation is incredible. I can’t wait to see the Little Mermaid section once it is opened!

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