3 Ways to Get “it’s a Small World” Out of Your Head

The timeless boat ride attraction it's a Small World, is one of the most popular experiences at Disneyland. Not only does it's a Small World captivate park guests with it's beautiful visuals, but it also provides music that you'll never forget.


I am of course talking about the classic song, “it's a Small World,” that was written by the Sherman brothers. The song was originally intended to be played much slower as a prayer for peace around the world. Walt Disney believed that it would be much catchier if they increased the tempo and speed.

it's a small world boat water level

From LalaLoveDisney.

Boy was Walt right!

The uptempo version of “it's a Small World” is one of the most catchy songs ever written.

Richard Sherman, the lyricist/composer behind the song, described it as “an ear worm. You can't get it out of your ear, it just crawls in there and stays.”

Today we intend to help those who really want to get “it's a Small World” out of their heads.

Three Ways to Get “it's a Small World” Out Of Your Head


1) Do Something Noisy

Whether you just got off the attraction or heard the song somewhere outside of the parks, simply participate in a loud activity to get the song out of your head.

A great example would be to sit down and watch a sports game if you are at home, or if you are still at the resort, watch the fireworks show and walk around on Main Street.

2) Listen to “it's a Small World” and Write Down the Lyrics

Its A Busy Small World

If something noisy doesn't work than pull out a piece of paper and a pen and listen to “it's a Small World” again, but while doing so write down the lyrics. This will do two things: it will get the song out of your head and will teach you some French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

In fact, if you focus on the international versions, then it is not very likely that the song will be stuck in your head anymore.

3) Listen to Something Else

The overall best way to get “it's a Small World” out of your head is to listen to another song. Pop in your earbuds or turn up the radio and try to sing along to a separate song.

*Warning* Park goers should be reminded that going to the Tiki Room will solve the problem, but it will mainly create a new one (see image below). Darn those Sherman brothers and their fantastic writing abilities.

it's a small world tiki room

I was originally inspired to write this article when I recently saw Richard Sherman featured on CBS.

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  1. Hi i was puting a disney film on and the intro was comeing into my head giveing it intrusive thoughts im epliptic by the way if you have any tips to get rid of it please let me no i do have a problem with my intrusive thoughts my name is joubin torabi im 20 years young

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