10 Items That You Are Forbidden to Bring to Disney World

Every year, millions of people come from all around the world to visit the Walt Disney World Resort and spend time in their theme parks, water parks, and resorts. Because of the vast number of guests that are in the parks at any given time, it is necessary for Disney to implement a variety of rules to ensure everyone can enjoy their time and have a great vacation.

One of the ways Disney does this is by prohibiting certain items from being brought in by guests. These things can be forbidden because they present a safety concern, could put the company in jeopardy, or are even simply a nuisance to other guests. No matter the reason, Disney has deemed each item on this list as forbidden from entering the parks.

Know Which Items Are Banned From Disney World

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To ensure you don’t run into any issues during your trip to Disney World, it’s important to know what can and cannot be taken to or used in the theme parks and water parks. Keep reading to learn more about 10 items that you are forbidden to bring to Disney World!

Oversized Strollers and Wagons

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The most common items that Disney does not want brought into their theme parks are oversized strollers, wagons, or combinations of the two. The main reason these are forbidden from the Disney parks is that they take up too much space on the walkways and can be a safety concern for other guests.

The streets throughout the Disney parks are very narrow, and with the amount of people in the parks at any given time, there is not a lot of extra space. A stroller that’s larger than Disney’s size requirements (31 inches in width and 52 inches in length) will block up these areas, and a wagon that’s being pushed or pulled can be a tripping hazard if you or the people in front of you stop walking suddenly.

The only time you will see any sort of wagon or oversized stroller in the parks is if younger guests who have the Disability Access Service (DAS) pass are using them as an assistive device in place of a wheelchair. In those instances, they will have a red tag on them denoting that they are considered a necessary mobility device.

Selfie Sticks

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For the first several decades that Disney World was open, selfie sticks were a nonexistent issue. However, a few years ago, they became much more widely used for taking group shots, snapping pictures on attractions, and recording parades and fireworks shows. Because of the issues that selfie sticks can cause, Disney now forbids these and any other extendable poles that hold a phone or camera from their parks.

These items can be extremely annoying for other guests who don’t want their view blocked by hundreds of phones. They can also pose a safety hazard to other guests, particularly when people try to use them to take pictures on major thrill rides. After several months of trying to manage these problems, Disney World decided it would be easiest to ban them from their theme parks altogether.

Flags and Banners

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Another item Disney World forbids from their theme parks because of the general nuisance it can cause is any type of flag or banner. If guests are walking around carrying large banners or waving flags in the air on rides or during shows, it can become very disruptive. These instances can prevent other guests from being able to enjoy their vacation experience.

Additionally, while there are plenty of flags and banners that are completely harmless, they can also be used to profess beliefs that not everyone may agree with or support. Because Disney is a private business, they can ultimately decide what statements they will permit to be made (and subsequently likely photographed and recorded) in their theme parks, so to make things easier, they just forbid flags or banners of any sort.

Loose and Dry Ice

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One of the best ways to do Disney on a budget is to pack meals to bring to the theme parks so hundreds of dollars aren’t spent on food. At most locations, this can be accomplished by packing a cooler or insulated backpack with ice, but at Disney World, there are limits to the ways that food can be chilled while being toted around all day.

The Disney World theme parks forbid bringing any sort of bag filled with loose or dry ice inside. Florida is very hot most of the year, and if a bag filled with melting ice cubes or chunks of dry ice is being brought into ride queues and vehicles, it could leak and be a safety concern. Loose ice can also slow down security checks, as it’s difficult to thoroughly search the contents of coolers with loose ice.

In place of loose ice, Disney suggests padding any bags carrying food with reusable ice packs. They will stay cold longer than melting ice, and they won’t make a mess either.

Alcoholic Beverages

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While guests are able to bring their own food and drinks into the park to help them save some money, taking alcohol from home into the Disney World theme parks is forbidden.

This happens not only so that guests will spend more money on boozy drinks during their trip but also to keep guests from getting too rowdy while they’re intoxicated. A few years ago, you couldn’t find alcohol in all of the Disney World parks, but now it’s available in some capacity at each of the four parks.

There are many different bars and lounges scattered around Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and there are lots of drinks to choose from in most of the restaurants as well. Magic Kingdom doesn’t currently have any walkup locations to purchase alcohol, but a lot of the table service restaurants in the park have added a selection of beers, wines, and cocktails to their menus.

Objects and Toys Resembling Weapons

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While it’s common knowledge that bringing in any kind of weapon is strictly prohibited at Disney World, it may not be as well-known that any sort of toy or object resembling a weapon is also forbidden. No matter how “fake” the item looks, it could still cause alarm with other guests and Cast Members if it’s pulled out suddenly or waved around in the air.

Disney does sell some things that could fall into this category at their theme parks because they’re related to the movies that are represented there, like swords and shields, bow and arrow sets, and lightsabers. However, none of these items are weapons someone could potentially be carrying around with them in real life, and some of them aren’t even weapons that exist! They’re also all designed in a way that makes it clear they’re fake and not dangerous.

Pool Floats/Noodles

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Forbidding pool toys like floats and swim noodles is obviously not necessary at the Disney World theme parks, but it does apply to the two water parks at Disney World, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. As with a lot of the other banned items on this list, the primary reason that non-Coast Guard-approved floating devices can’t be brought in is to keep guests safe while enjoying the water parks.

It is critical that guests are not put in dangerous situations when swimming at Disney, and if something went wrong while someone was using a pool toy from home, it could be detrimental to both the guest and the company. This is why there are other complimentary options available for guests to use during their time in the water.

Both water parks provide life jackets in several different sizes so that those who have trouble staying afloat can be kept safe while swimming. There are also many attractions, like the lazy rivers and wave pools, where inner tubes are available and encouraged for use since the intensity of the water currents in those areas can be quite high.

Plastic Straws

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The idea of plastic straws being forbidden from Disney World may sound surprising to some. You’ve likely seen plastic straws in some of the Disney World theme parks, or if you haven’t visited before, you would assume that they would be acceptable to use. However, there is one park where disposable plastic straws, lids, and other items are forbidden: Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

While Cast Members work hard to ensure the theme parks remain as litter-free as possible, there is always going to be some trash that gets dropped and isn’t cleaned up for a little while. If any of the many creatures at Disney’s Animal Kingdom came across a plastic straw and tried to eat or play with it, it could turn into an incredibly dangerous or even deadly situation for them. To prevent that sort of tragedy, the use of plastic straws in that theme park is prohibited.

Noise Makers and Devices

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The Disney World theme parks are already plenty loud in most areas, whether from parades or shows taking place, guests screaming while on thrill rides, or even just ambiance music added in the background. With all of these things already happening, often in tandem, there doesn’t need to be any additional, unnecessary sound mixed in.

This is why noise makers like whistles and horns and amplifying devices like megaphones and bullhorns are not permitted in the parks. Creating a large amount of noise with any of these items or similar objects can be distracting and annoying to other guests, but there are other problems they can cause as well.

For Cast Members who are working in safety-critical positions like operating an attraction or parade audience control, sudden, loud sounds they’re not used to hearing can pose a hazard. Also, in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, these sounds can be upsetting and alarming to the animals in the park, which can in turn cause safety issues as well.

Recreational Devices and Toys

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Another category of items that are forbidden in the Disney World theme parks for safety reasons is a variety of different recreational devices and toys. These can include more technological items like drones and other remote-controlled toys, skateboards, scooters, and other items with wheels—even those that are built into a guest’s shoes!

Between the size of the crowds on most days and the uniquely designed pathways and streets at the Disney World theme parks, it’s not safe to ride around on a wheeled device that can easily spin out of control or collide with other people. Using a drone in the park can be both dangerous and a breach of privacy if it is flown into backstage areas that guests are not meant to see or have access to.

Bringing one of these 10 forbidden items into Disney World is not the only way you can get into trouble when visiting the theme parks. Click here to learn more about things that will get you banned from Disney World!

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