Interactive Dumbo Queue in Storybook Circus

Interactive queues seem to be catching on in the Magic Kingdom.  My family, like most guests, are delighted.  Dumbo's queue is a circus tent with Dumbo flying at the top, play areas, and seating for adults.  There are separate play areas for guests from toddlers up to twelve year olds.  Adults line the circus tent and watch the performance, while holding a circus ticket pager.  When it is time to ride Dumbo, the pager goes off and the parents round up the reluctant children.


Choose Your Costume

Dumbo's queue really fits well with the Storybook Circus theme and includes banners for circus acts, lights, and fabric hung from the ceiling.

The young guests enjoyed climbing up the “ladders” just as much as they liked the netted play area that overlooked the entire play area and their parents.  The steps, or trampolines, make noises as the guests climb up to the play area, as does the other equipment in the queue.

Children can make their way through a burning building if they choose not to climb the trampoline steps.

Despite being busy, like Dumbo normally is, the interactive queue was not packed and it was AIR CONDITIONED.  A wonderful change from the old Dumbo queue.

Off to the side of the trampoline stairs, there is a container full of fireworks.  Go ahead and pull the cord of the fireworks.  I dare you.  Your very own fireworks show might just appear right above the fireworks.

The fact that the play areas, and even stairs, are designated for certain ages, makes taking the children here enjoyable.  The little ones are not getting run over by the older ones. The older ones can run and jump and pretend to be an acrobat without fear of colliding with someone.  I must say that it kept both of my children occupied and we all were actually a little disappointed that our pager lit up so quickly.  We didn't want to leave, but we had to share the play area and air conditioning with other families.  The Dumbo Interactive Queue is my top queue in Magic Kingdom.  We look forward to many trips to the Dumbo Queue…oh, I mean the Dumbo ride…

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