Innoventions gets Switched Up?

I recently visited Disneyland and had a spare moment so I thought that I would go visit one of my favorite Disney characters made for the parks. Well I of course am talking about  Tom Morrow the host of Innovetions.

When I walked into the queue to go into the show a cast member walked up to me and said where are you going? I answered, to see Innoventions. She then told me that Innoventions had been switched, you enter from the top and exit through the bottom. I said wow that sounds great, so  Tom Morrow says goodbye now rather than welcome. She then answered and said that  Tom Morrow was covered up and showed me.

I stuck my head under the curtain and saw that he was even stilllit up, I thought that he even moved. The shows on the outside of the carousel have even been scrapped for HP's big house of the future exhibit that fills the entire first floor.

I talked to almost every Cast Member working at Innoventions and they each had a different story. One said that he had hit a little girl when she climbed onto his stage. Another said that Disney just moved on and that Asimo Honda's robot was now the robot of Innoventions. I was shocked when they said that, Asimo isn't a Disney character. Why? My theory is that Honda payed a lot to have this done.

I then headed to City Hall and talked to guest relations, and they said that it was just under refurbishment, and they said that none of them had been over there for awhile. Since the Plads are supposed to know the park I was very surprised to hear them say that. I was saddened even more when I found out that the Disneyland site still said Innoventions is hosted by one of the wittiest robot hosts ever programmed, Tom Morrow! Tom provides your introduction to Innoventions with a rousing rendition of the classic Disney anthem, “There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.”

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  1. I was sent a link to your article by a friend of mine who knows that my family and I love Innoventions and she thought I would be interested to hear about the – uh – “changes.” I am guessing it has been a while since you have been to Disneyland? You may want to indicate in your article that Innoventions has been entering on top and exiting from the lower floor for quite some time now. At least a year, maybe?

    That aside, when we used to enter Innoventions downstairs, we were greeted by Tom. (It’s Tom Morrow, by the way.) I, too, loved him. Nothing beats a little singing Nathan Lane to add to your day! However, when they switched things around so that now that we exit downstairs, we don’t always leave the building by Tom since there are many doors. So I don’t think it would make sense to have Tom still running, as fun as he is to see. Just my guess. How would that work, logistically?

    My thought as to why you got many different answers when you asked, “Why?” is that the Cast Members probably don’t know the true reason. They are not the decision makers. I am not sure that it’s fair to blame them for not knowing the reasons things change. If you had spoken with many “high-ups” and gotten mixed answers, then I would understand the frustration.

    Also, you mention that the shows on the carousel have been “scrapped for HP’s big house of the future.” When the shows on the carousel were happening, the house was already there. They co-existed. We used to see the shows on the spinning part and and then enter the house. (We LOVED the show where we could be part of a band. So fun!) So, anyway, I don’t think the the house is the reason the shows are gone, as you imply. It just doesn’t make sense, chronologically. If the shows were “scrapped” for the house, they never would have co-existed, which they did.

    I have to say I am very surprised that a Cast Member helped you peek under the curtain to see Tom — and let you take your pictures! Usually if an area at Disneyland is “curtained,” it’s off-bounds. Interesting…. A lucky peek for you! Great pictures, by the way.

    I’m also not sure it’s fair to expect those at City Hall (not Town Hall, by the way) to have personally visited every single area of the Park on a constantly ongoing basis. It’s a big place. Not all of them are tour guides, after all.

    It is interesting to note that Disneyland’s site is not current as to the experience, especially since it has been changed for quite some time now. Maybe you should let them know directly so they can update it accordingly.

    I have bookmarked your site and will come back to visit again as you have some interesting articles about Disney. As Tom would say, “See you around, and around, and around.”

    • Correct, it wouldn’t make sense for guests to see Tom when they were leaving, because well, it would be impracticable. I was just sad to see Tom go, as I am sure that other are. The reason that I was a little disheartened was that the cast members staffing Innoventions were so misinformed. Also, the plads who work in City Hall, are responsible for knowing everything about the park. I will email Disney about the website problem.

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