Walt Disney World Hidden Treasures

There are many Disney World hidden treasures.  Some may be Hidden Mickeys, others are the Disney Details like the piano lessons or the party line, and some are hidden in plain sight.



They are hidden because with all of the hustle and bustle, people may take them for granted.  At the Magic Kingdom, there are two items in Tomorrowland that many may miss: Robo-Newz and the Galactic Communications Network.  Robo-Newz sports a newspaper with Stich on the cover and the Galactic Communications Network enables you to call all over the galaxy to some pretty funny people.


Rapunzel, lead the way out

If you are really lucky, you might find a cast member armed with tape or a broom.  Sometimes you can catch a cast member creating a favorite Disney character with water and a broom in the Magic Kingdom.  Every now and then, you find a taped piece of artwork.  This is quite rare, at least for our family, and is definitely a treat.


Trolley on Main Street USA

I like to get to the Magic Kingdom early in the day so I can witness the Main Street USA Trolley Show.  Yes, it is the same songs each time, but it does not matter.  These people are excellent at what they do and always have a smile on their face.  If I hear the trolley call out when we are entering the park, I will run and grab a good place to see the show.


Main Street Transportation

There are a number of Main Street Vehicles, but they are rarely out for rides for guests.  If you get lucky, you can catch an one-way trip to the Castle.   There is the Fire Engine, Horse-Drawn Streetcar, and the Omnibus.  Lately it has been rare for guests to actually ride in them.  Normally, it is cast members and is part of a show.  It is still cool to see!


The Piano Man at Casey's Corner

Every time we have seen someone play this piano in the Magic Kingdom, it has been this one man.  Each time we lets a guest press the last key or somehow help with his performance.  He always has a smile on his face, no surprise, and enjoys entertaining everyone.  As you round Casey's Corner, stop for a moment and take in the variety of songs he can play on the piano.


Palm Leave Weaving

On a few occasions, my family has stopped at the Thailand stand in Animal Kingdom to write our names in Thai.  One time when we stopped, the cast member was creating beautiful pieces of art out of palm leaves.  She made a fish for one child and a bird for the other child.

Palm Leaf Weaving at Animal Kingdom

We had to stop and get a bag from a nearby shop so they would not get bent during the day.


Miyuki, Candy Art at Epcot

Miyuki has been making candy at Epcot's Japanese Pavillion since 1996. She is the only female candy artist trained in Japanese Candy Art.  She takes requests and is a pleasure to see.  Don't miss her if you are in Epcot!


Spirited Beasts: From Ancient Stories to Anime Stars (Japan/Epcot)

When my children can learn about other cultures and people while they are having fun, I am a proud Mama.  My children learn by doing and seeing.  For them to learn about Japan's history and how it ties to what they see in video games and on TV is an amazing experience for all of us.  Disney is full of learning experiences but Epcot's World Showcase is exceptional for learning about the world around us.


Oyster Picking at Japan

No, I have no need for an oyster or for a pearl.  That doesn't mean I can't enjoy the yelps and hollering from the cast members in the Japan Pavilion in Epcot.  Guests choose their oyster and after a lot of noise, they are presented with their own pearl.  It is a huge production that continues throughout the day, as long as people are gathered around to witness the oyster picking.  It is free to stand and watch and admire (and maybe learn a little Japanese) and that is what my family does.


Samurai Warrior, Japanese Pavilion at Epcot


We have many favorite hidden treasures throughout the Disney Parks and Resorts.  Each person and family is different.  When you visit Disney World, find your own Disney Treasures and treasure them in your heart, because they create memories. Can you think of any from Hollywood Studios?

disneydose.secretsofwdwDo you have any Disney World hidden treasures?

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  1. Great post as always. I think that a good hidden secret in Hollywood Studios is the Indiana Jones Stunt show. The reason I classify it as a secret is that it is off the beaten path and less and less people seem to show up to each show.

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