History of the Haunted Mansion with Jeff Baham the Creator of Doombuggies and Mousetalgia–DD015

haunted mansion historical photos disneylandHere's a discussion of the history of Disney's Haunted Mansion with Jeff Baham, the creator of Doombuggies.com and a host on the Mousetalgia podcast. We discuss the origins of a haunted house in a Disney park and in Walt Disney's childhood. Doombuggies.com is one of the longest running Disney fan sites clocking in at 17 years.

Jeff is the author of the recent book The Unathorized Story of Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion that covers all of the details of the Haunted Mansion.

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What you'll hear this week:

  • How the Haunted Mansion evolved into the attraction it is today
  • Why the attraction changed from a walk-through
  • After the World Fair in 1964, Disney returned to the Haunted Mansion project invigorated
  • Why the outside house was built ten years before the actual attraction
  • Stylings of Marc Davis and how they effected the Haunted Mansion
  • Walt Disney's constant desire to have a haunted house in his parks
  • How Jeff created Doombuggies.com and the Mousetalgia post
  • And so much more…

This Week's Disneyland Secret:

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haunted mansion concept artwork

When you are in the attic scene of the Haunted Mansion, be on the look out for a small doll house looking structure. This is actually a model of the Haunted Mansion that was created by Walt Disney Imagineering during the conceptualization phase for the attraction.

Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode:

  1. The Unathorized Story of Walt Disney's Haunted Mansion- This is Jeff's brand new book recently released with the complete history of the Haunted Mansion.
  2. Doombuggies.com– The online archives and history of the Haunted Mansion.
  3. Mousetalgia Podcast– A Disney podcast about Disneyland, the Walt Disney Family Museum,  and everything else Disney.
  4. Doombuggies on Facebook– Great page on Facebook to follow for Haunted Mansion information and general Disneyland fun.

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