Fresh Iced Tea in Disney World

Finding tea in Disney World with the other 47,000 or so guests is pretty easy to do.  Finding FRESH BREWED ICED TEA is not as easy, at least in a quick service.  Although the tea at Disney World is drinkable, it still comes through a hose in the back of the “tea tank.”  There are some locations throughout Disney World that have fresh brewed iced tea.  After a long time researching and searching for tea at Disney World, I have finally compiled a list.

Finding Tea in Disney Resorts

Tea Coronado

1. Coronado Springs (Rix Cafe):  This location has not always had fresh brewed iced tea but I am so thankful they do now!  It is on the counter by the speciality coffees and pastries and not by the coffee (which is new as well) or the soda dispensers.


2. Wilderness Lodge (Roaring Fork): This location only has fresh brewed iced tea if the tea machine is out of order.  When it does have the tea, it is wonderfully fresh and delicious.


3. Guests at Fort Wildnerness Campgrounds can pick up fresh brewed iced tea at Trail's to Go, the Quick Service section of Trail's End Buffet.  There is both sweet and unsweet tea. The food at Trails to Go is also spectacular and can be eaten outside on the picnic tables.


4. If you are looking for a little variety in your tea while you are at a Disney Resort, the Sanna Lounge in Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge offers authentic tea from Africa for guests, even if you are not dining in the restaurant.  Guests can brew their own tea in Johari Treasures, which is the little food and gift shop in the lobby.

Finding Tea in Disney Parks


1. If you happen to be in Hollywood Studios and need fresh brewed iced tea, stop by the 50s PrimeTime Cafe.  The bartender in the lounge serves up fresh brewed iced tea as well as a killer cherry coke.  You don't even need a reservation!  Even though it is a lounge, children are still welcome and can enjoy a cold cherry coke while you down your fresh brewed iced tea.


2. Sometimes you have to go as far as Asia to find good fresh tea.  Guests in Animal Kingdom can find the tucked away tea shop near the entrance of Kali River Rapids.  The Royal Anandapur Tea Company has fresh brewed iced tea and a wide selection of hot teas.  The tea is scooped from sealed containers and added to little bags to steep in your cup as you enjoy the sights and sounds of Asia.  honeytea

Alternatives to Fresh Brewed Iced Tea


1. All of the quick services at the Disney Resorts have hot water and tea bags.  Guests that are not in a hurry can make their own fresh brewed iced tea.  The Writers Shop in Hollywood Studios will give you a cup of ice with your hot water/tea bag so you are able to make your own.

teaselectionAgain, if you are in a hurry or the rest of your family is waiting on you, you might want to just settle for the drinkable tea sold throughout the park.  Most of the food kiosks in Hollywood Studios do not have iced tea at all, so your best bet is to go to a quick service location, like the ABC Commissary.  I am sure that there are other places that sell fresh brewed iced tea but  surprisingly they are not easy to find.  I would love to compile a list of places that offer fresh brewed iced tea at Disney World.  If you would like to add a place to the list, simply write the location in a comment.  Check Twitter for any new locations that are compiled under #DisneyDose.




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  1. Thank you for this! My wife and other family are extremely particular when it comes to iced tea, and the machines around WDW just don’t cut it most of the time. Especially during the hot summer months! Now if only the parks could offer Pepsi!

    • Of course. I was more than happy to see that we were writing this list.

  2. Nice compilation and suggestions. You are right- it is a little tricky to find fresh brewed tea.

  3. Been complaining to guest services for years about this. Used to be able to get brewed ice tea all over WDW property, first noticed the downgrade to peak at canada’s Steakhouse back in the 90’s and in went downhill from there. I call it Frankenstein-tea. Use the argument “do you serve instant coffee to coffee drinkers?” ‘Oh no, only freshly brewed’. “ well then why are tea drinkers treated like second class citizens?

  4. Do they make some sweet tea with Monin syrup. We purchased sweet tea from one of the small kiosk.
    It was very refreshing

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