8 Fox Classics That Will Find a Perfect Home at Disney

While everyone is raving about the deal between Disney and Fox as a potential Netflix competitor, there are some other fun implications from the acquisition. Fox has created so many classics over the years that are feel good films that will fit perfectly alongside the Disney library.

Briefly let me explain the aspects to this deal: Disney has just acquired the 21st Century Fox film and television studios (including all of the film library), a large stake in Hulu, and the National Geographic channel and FX…

Today we will hone in on the existing film library that came with the acquisition.

8 Fox Classics That Will Find a Perfect Home at Disney

In this article I want to focus in on all of the things that the media hasn't been talking about. You have likely already heard that the X-Men will now be at home with the rest of their Marvel crew, but I want to talk about all of the other Fox film classics that will find a fantastic home at Disney.

1. The Original Star Wars Rights

Now Disney owns all rights to the original Star Wars films that were made before they acquired. Fans has clamored for years for the cuts of the films from before George Lucas went back in and meddled with them. Maybe this will now allow them to release these original cuts without the special effect additions.

2. The Sound of Music

Julie Andrew's favorite film has now come home! This is one of my favorite movies of all time and now it is under the Disney label. This is only fitting as Walt Disney was the person responsible for originally getting Julie Andrews to switch over to film acting in the first place when he cast her in Mary Poppins.

With the upcoming sequel to Mary Poppins starring Emily Blunt, maybe we could see a Sound of Music spin-off or remake in the future.

3. Night at the Museum

These are really fun movies in a great series starring Ben Stiller. They were created by Chris Columbus and find a great home at Disney in tone and style.

Wouldn't it be awesome to see a Night at the Museum experience in the parks!

4. Cheaper By the Dozen

Once again this movie fits perfectly in the film library. Starring Steve Martin who got his start working in the Disneyland magic shop, this movie centers on the crazy antics of a huge family with 12 children.

You can most likely quote a line out of this film right off the top of your head.

5.  Home Alone

Also created by Chris Columbus, Home Alone is another classic that is beloved by audiences around the world. There is a touching element and piece of irreverent fun.

6. Mrs. Doubtfire

Surprisingly another Chris Columbus film…seems like a pattern here! There is a sensibility about these films that brings optimism and fun to the screen.

7. The Devil Wears Prada

This is perhaps my favorite movie to have on the background while working (besides maybe Princess Diaries which happens to be on while I'm writing this article and also stars Anne Hathaway). Again there is a sense of family friendly optimism and incredible storytelling present in this film that makes it a perfect fit for the library.

8. Avatar

This film franchise fits well within the Disney company especially considering that they just finished a massive new land in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World that celebrates the world of Pandora where Avatar takes place.

There are currently at least two sequels planned for Avatar and you will likely see an even bigger push for the films now that they are completely under the Disney ownership.

Wrapping Up: What's Next?

Some of the more bizarre additions thematically in my opinion are The Simpsons, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Die Hard, Aliens, Kingsman, and Ice Age. The coming weeks and years will be very interesting to see how these properties will be integrated with the overall Disney brand and if they will make their way into the theme parks at all.

Disney, under the guidance of Chairman and CEO Bob Iger, has made a history of letting companies operate on their own after acquisition. After purchasing Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm, they made sure that top leadership stayed intact and that the spirit of those companies was not lost. After the acquisition was announced, Bob Iger cited these examples explaining that they had similar plans to keep Fox functioning in a similar style as they already have been.

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