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disneyland head chef interviewToday I am joined by Christine Weissman, the Executive Chef for the Disneyland Resort Parks. Also, in this episode I share my favorite Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney restaurants ranging from sit down to quick service.

I talked to Christine Weissman about her experiences working as Executive Chef at Epcot, aboard the Disney Cruise Line, and now the entire Disneyland Resort.

Also, this week's Disneyland secret reveals the hidden vents or “smellitzers” hidden below the shop windows on Main Street.

The information below is all based off of the podcast audio. Be sure to listen for the full experience.

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Christine Weissman Interview:

  • Digging for more information about the soon to be revealed Club 33
  • Her story on how she got into the food industry
  • The responsibilities of her position at Disneyland
  • A typical day in the life of Christine
  • The difficulties of designing menus for international chefs aboard the Disney Cruise Line
  • How Disney works to source their food products
  • When special events provide the need for new menu items
  • The difficulties of running the Epcot Food and Wine Festival
  • And the best part of her day…

My Experiences in Disneyland Food

My Favorite Disneyland Restaurants

  • Sit Down: My top choice of restaurant would actually be Club 33…but as it is a private Club I picked a different location
  • Counter Service Restaurant: Because I didn't pick a real sit down restaurant for my favorite in Disneyland, I have picked two Disneyland counter service restaurants: Rancho del Zocalo and the Stage Door Cafe. I really love the Stage Door Cafe and the Disneyland Corn Dogs that are sold there.

My Favorite Disney California Adventure Restaurants:

  • Sit Down: My top choice sit down restaurant for Disney California Adventure is the Carthay Circle Restaurant. Read all about our experience at the restaurant here. Also, I really enjoy the Wine Country Trattoria, where you can get pasta and a table on the edge of the seating area to watch the parade go by.
  • Counter Service Restaurant: The best quick service in this park is of course Corn Dog Castle, where the famous Disneyland corn dogs are sold.

My Favorite Downtown Disney Restaurants:

  • Sit Down: My three favorite Downtown Disney restaurants are Naples (in the episode I incorrectly called the location Via Napoli), Catal, and Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen. Catal is my all time favorite Downtown Disney restaurant.
  • Counter Service Restaurant: Occasionally we will get a sandwich at Earl of Sandwich for lunch. It's a very good option, but it is a little bit of a walk from the Disneyland main gate. See our review here.

This Week's Disneyland Secret:

In each week's episode I'll have a new secret from our book, Disneyland Secrets: A Guide to Disneyland's Hidden Details. Also, receive a discount for the book when you listen to the episode.

This week we talk about the Smellitzer vent system that is used throughout Disneyland to pump different smells into the areas to create various themes. Specifically, we look at the vent underneath the candy kitchen window that pumps the smell of vanilla into the street. Did you know that vanilla has been proven to make you hungry?

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I hope you enjoyed our interview with Christine Weissman the Executive Chef for the Disneyland Resort parks.

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  1. Great Pod Cast! I wanted to learn about the food and where to eat for my Disneyland Vacation coming up in a few days!
    Love your intro and outro. Pretty cool.

    Your doing a mighty fine job Gavin!

    • Thank you very much Charles. You can actually hear a full episode with them on our first Disney Dose podcast.

      Glad you enjoyed the show!

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