Fire! Comedy! Jones! (Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular)

Not fast enough

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is considered to be a hidden gem by some because a lot of people don't get a chance to see it when they visit Hollywood Studios.  With that in mind, we stopped by the show on our last visit.

Plane on Fire!

If you have not gone to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, you are missing out!  It is not just about fire, explosions, and danger.  Though, that is a big part.  It is also full of comedy and audience participation.  Because of the combination of  stunts and comedy, it keeps guests of all ages entertained.  The whole point of the show is to show guests what it takes behind scenes to safely carry out stunts on the big screen.

Hold that pose!

We got there about thirty minutes before the show started.  This was great timing because we obtained seats right down in front.  We were only two rows back!

Extras: Touchdown Pose?

If you are wanting to be in the show, you don't have to sit in a particular spot.  Extras are called from the audience from each section.  Random people are chosen to be extras in the scenes.  At least, you are made to think they are random.

Extras All Lined Up

There always seems to be one guest that is incredibly talented at fighting and ending up on his head. The extras start the show off with learning how to be an extra, how to cheer, and how to hold poses.  This in itself is well worth going to the show.

Indiana Jones and the Boulder

For those that want to see action, there is plenty of that.  People fall off roofs.  Jones is almost run over by an enormous boulder. Airplanes explode in fire.  There is action from start to finish.

Action Scene with Truck

There are normally five shows per day.  The last one of  the day is hardly ever packed.  I recommend going to that one if you find crowds bothersome.  The Junior Director began the show by saying, “Lights, Camera, Action!”  It was his first trip and was his birthday.  I am honestly not sure how he was chosen, but if it is someone's birthday or first visit, sit them as close to the front as possible. The Junior Director sat right next to the “control box” in the second row back.


If you have not gone to Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Show Spectacular in a while, or ever, it is time to go!  If you want to attend an earlier show, get there early so you can get a good seat.  If it is getting too close to the start time, go to a later show to avoid standing in the back.  It is amazing that this show is included in the price of an admission ticket to Hollywood Studios.  It definitely needs to be on the “Must Do List.”

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  1. My daughter’s were selected as Jr. Directors. We were just standing outside of Indiana Jones’ front entrance about 45 minutes before the show.

  2. We were in line when they asked my son if he wanted to be junior director. They gave him a certificate and said come back 15 minutes before the show and we’ll go right to the front.

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