Finally! A Backpack For Our Cups!

Backpacks are not usually the topic of the articles on Disney Dose.  We try to bring you the latest news and updates about events and things you should check out.

Well, this time is about a backpack.

We, being the parents in the family and the ones that end up carrying everything from everyone, have been looking for a backpack that would be perfect for our family.  We looked at each resort, each park, and were about to give up.  Each backpack we found had teeny pockets on the outside, was too heavy, would not work for both kids and us, or was too fancy to use at the park.  (Personal opinion.)

On one of trips to a resort to grab some lunch, we found a yellow backpack that would fit our needs.  It had big pockets in the front, was slick so the rain would run right off, and was very light.  But, it was yellow.  That was at Art of Animation.

After eating lunch at Pop Century one weekend, we found a red backpack that was similar to the yellow one in every way, except the color.

We pulled out one of our refillable mugs and popped it in the front zipper pocket.  It fit!  I was even able to zip up the pocket with the cup in there!

No more worry about cups laying down IN the backpack and getting everything else wet!  No more carrying the cups around!  No more trying to find a place for the cup in the bathroom!

So, if you are looking for a backpack for the park that can fit your refillable mugs, watch for this one at the resorts and parks.  We saw it at Pop Century and Art of Animation.  You may have to check there if you can't find it online or another location on property.

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  1. As @TerryPalomine said on Twitter in response to this post, Ha! Leave it to Disney.

  2. As odd as it may be, that is the only one on property that I have found that will fit the cups. 🙂

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