Drinking Around the World in EPCOT – The Best Tips and Drinks!

EPCOT park has lots to offer for both kids and adults. However, one tradition that is exclusive to adults is the famous EPCOT “drink around the world” challenge. In a nutshell, this challenge involves visiting every pavilion and enjoying one of their adult libations and sometimes pairing it with a small snack. It might sound simple, but let me tell you that if you’re planning to do it all, this entails a lot of drinks. This tradition is loved by many and there are even Facebook groups you can join to be a part of this fun adventure!

The pavilions around the World Showcase Lagoon each offer unique drinks and snacks that are sure to please all palates. However, with so many options, it might be hard to choose what to get. This is where we can help! Our EPCOT drinking around the world guide is going to give you all the recommendations you need as well as general tips on staying standing to the end! So, grab your beer stein, and let the good times pour!

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: Our Best TipsEPCOT drink around the world - bcv

As we mentioned, the drinking around the world challenge takes place in the World Showcase area in EPCOT. Around the World Showcase Lagoon are pavilions that represent specific countries from around the world. These pavilions all serve food and drinks from the respective country, as well as unique gifts. It’s a beautiful and fun way to spend some time at EPCOT, though we will say it’s not the most entertaining for the younger ones.

Before we get into each of the pavilions, we thought we’d share with you our best tips for a successful boozy trip around the world. You might think it’s easy to just show up and start tossing them back, but it’s not always that simple! If you’re planning to conquer all 12 of the pavilions, you’ve got to enter this challenge with strategy. And yes, you read that right, there are 12 pavilions total which means you’re in for 12 drinks total!

Tip #1 – Pace Yourself

We all know that the faster the drink, the faster you end up…well, drunk! So if you’re looking to conquer all 12 pavilions, the first thing you should do is pace yourself. With so much to see around the World Showcase Lagoon, you ought to see this as a marathon and not a sprint. Grab a drink and then why not head into one of the gift shops? This will slow you down a bit and allow you to enjoy and savor the delicious drink!

Tip #2 – Stay Hydrated

This one might sound like common sense, but it’s easy to forget to hydrate when you’re feeling fantastic! Especially during those hot summer days, it’s important to drink plenty of water as you go about the challenge. Alcohol will dehydrate you so the last thing you want is to get a headache from being dehydrated and then not being able to enjoy the day! We recommend drinking a glass of water at each stop to break up the drinking. All of the pavilions will happily provide you with this. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!

Tip #3 – It’s OK to Split with a Friend!

If you’re still dizzy thinking about having all 12 drinks, remember that you can always split your drinks with a friend! Seriously, we won’t tell anyone and it’s technically not cheating! Some may not be able to finish all 12 drinks so why not bring a cup with you and just share drinks as you go? It’s an easy way to make sure you’re taking care of yourself while still enjoying this fun challenge.

Tip #4 – Crescent Lake Resorts

This may not be feasible for all, but it really helps if you’re staying in one of the Crescent Lake resorts just steps away from EPCOT. There’s nothing better than simply walking to your resort and avoiding long lines for busses. With The BoardWalk, Beach Club, and Yacht Club Resorts nearby, you’re never far from your bed once you’ve tapped out at the end of the night. If you’re wondering how to afford these Deluxe resorts, be sure to check out our guide on how to rent DVC points to make these stays more affordable!

Tip #5 – Know Your Limits

Listen, we love to have a good time, but please remember that you are still around families and little ones. So, listen to your body and know when it’s time to take a break. You might want to snag a reservation in Italy to have a meal and break up the drinking. No matter how you choose to do it, just make sure you’re keeping it together. After all, you wouldn’t want to upset Mickey and Minnie for not setting the best example for the kids!

With that said, let’s start this challenge!

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EPCOT Drinking Around the World: Mexico EPCOT drink around the world - mexico

Alright, the title gave it all away, we’re going left at the entrance to the World Showcase and starting in Mexico. There are some poor unfortunate souls who choose to go right and start at Canada, but that’s not our jam. Always go left and start with Mexico.

The Mexico pavilion is the only fully indoor pavilion. Modeled after an ancient pyramid, we love it here for its colorful theming and yummy food and drink options. The marketplace inside also has some cool souvenirs!

Best Drink Pick: The best way to start the drinking around the world challenge is by grabbing yourself an Avocado Margarita from La Cava del Tequila. This delicious frozen concoction is perfect for a hot summer day and is not too sweet or strong. It’s smooth enough to enjoy while taking a peek inside the shops and is our favorite way to kick off the day.

Best Food Pick: Just to the left of the Mexico pavilion main entrance is a small stand called Choza de Margarita. Here, you’ll find some amazing Empanadas de Barbacoa. They’re the perfect size to snack on and provide a nice base as you’re starting the day.

Expert Tip: You might see long lines to get inside the Mexico pavilion, but don’t let that scare you away! The lines move fairly quickly so you won’t waste too much of your precious time. Plus, you might even catch a glimpse of Donald Duck in his Three Caballero’s costume while there. Trust us, this one is worth the wait!

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: Norway 

EPCOT drink around the world - norway

The Norway pavilion has had a few changes in the last few years that make this stop a must-do. In 2016, the Maelstrom attraction closed forever to make way for the new Frozen Ever After dark ride. This new-ish attraction is still very popular with families, as it’s one of the few attractions made for the younger ones in the World Showcase. 

However, we’re here for the drinks! The Norway pavilion does not disappoint. With lots of options to choose from, we’ve got our picks here!

Best Drink Pick: Why not keep the frozen party going and enjoy the delicious Frozen Viking Coffee from Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe. This coffee-lovers dream is infused with liquor, chocolate, and even more chocolate on top! This one is pretty thick, but we think it’s worth it. It’s perfect to split so that you don’t get too full!

Best Food Pick: The Norway pavilion is not known for its amazing food, but it still has some great treats to munch on. We recommend grabbing a Kringla, which is a Norwegian pretzel. Here, they are a little thinner so not too robust, but they come in lots of varieties from savory to sweet!

Expert Tip: If you’re wanting to let it go and sing along with Elsa, don’t wait in the long lines! Instead, do this attraction early in the morning and you’re sure to save yourself a couple of hours. The ride is cool, but not worth waiting hours in line for. If you rope drop, this attraction will usually have low wait times during the first couple of hours of the day.

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: China

EPCOT drink around the world - China

The China pavilion is hard to miss with its impressive architecture and beautiful gardens. It has quite a few shops and restaurants to check out along with the Impressions of China movie presentation. Walking around the seasonal gardens is a lot of fun and a nice way of finding some shade on hot days. China is known for its food, but the drinks don’t fall behind. They have some creative mixes here that always leave us impressed! 

Best Drink Pick: We always go for the Honey Hibiscus Hard Iced Tea when visiting the China pavilion! Located in the Joy of Tea stand just in front of the main entrance, it’s a refreshingly good time with the perfect balance of sweetness. The light rum makes it the perfect drink to keep the party going!

Best Food Pick: In China, we recommend checking out the shops and enjoying authentic Chinese snacks. We love checking out the different types of chips that are only available in China and also trying something completely new! The food you’ll find in the pavilion restaurants is definitely yummy but not something you couldn’t find outside of the parks. This is why we love exploring the shops and seeing what treats we can find!  

Expert Tip: After 3 drinks, you’re probably starting to feel great. We recommend watching the Impressions of China video as the perfect way to chill out for a bit. It’s an air-conditioned experience that you’ll enjoy after doing some walking. Plus, you’ll get to see some pretty awesome (yet outdated) scenes of China!

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: Refreshment Outpost 

EPCOT drink around the world - outpost

Alright, so the Refreshment Outpost is not technically a pavilion, but it still has some pretty tasty options to consider. Originally this location was meant to house a pavilion that represented several African countries. That never came to fruition, but it still has great theming and food and drink options.

Best Drink Pick: Drinks at the Refreshment Outpost change with the various EPCOT festivals such as Food & Wine so it’s hard to pick a consistent option. However, currently, the Mango Star is one of our top picks. The mango purée makes for a sweet drink that still packs a punch!

Best Food Drink: The Refreshment Outpost lives up to its name and is not a food destination.

Expert Tip: This location is perfect for a rest and some hydration! Plus, this area usually has some pretty unique merchandise so be sure you spend some time checking out the cool gifts and souvenirs!

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: Germany 

EPCOT drink around the world - germany

Germany is a crowd favorite for several reasons. The theming here is absolutely gorgeous and offers lots to see. Next, the food options here are incredible with the famous Biergarten Restaurant serving as the main dining destination. And of course, Germany is known for its cold beer and tasty concoctions! You’ll have lots to see and do here so be sure you carve out plenty of time. It’s one of the larger pavilions and you’ll feel like you walked into a fairytale! 

Best Drink Pick: Although there are lots to choose from, we recommend heading straight to Sommerfest and grabbing a delicious and super cold Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen. This beer is synonymous with the pavilion and for good reason! If you’re not too big on beer, this one is light enough to enjoy but still with lots of traditional beer notes. If you’re feeling adventurous, get it in a souvenir stein so you can really take in the tradition!

Best Food Pick: What’s better than a beer with a pretzel?! Although you’ll find other tasty treats here, we love grabbing a pretzel here as it’s a quintessential German tradition. If that’s not what you’re craving, we also recommend the bratwurst. It’s heavy, but very tasty!

Expert Tip: If you’re looking for a lot of food and a great time, consider making a formal lunch stop here at Biergarten Restaurant. The inside theming is just as amazing as the outside and you will definitely not leave hungry. Its Oktoberfest theme will include live music and tons of food. It’s a great time so if you’re really hungry, don’t skip this highly-rated restaurant.

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: Italy 

EPCOT drink around the world - italy

Italy is our next stop and get ready because if you thought Germany had a lot to offer, you’re in for an even bigger treat! Italy is home to several shops, immersive decor/theming, and four dining locations. Here you’ll find all the things that make Italy famous: pizza, wine, gelato, and refreshing cocktails! You’ll be impressed with the amount of detail that went into this pavilion so, once again, be sure to carve out time to wander around. You might even catch some live shows on the main stage! 

Best Drink Pick: The Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar is our favorite spot to grab our next drink. You don’t need a reservation and with its full bar, you’ll have lots to pick from! Our recommendation here is to take advantage of one of the wine flights served here. I know, I know, some say you shouldn’t mix alcohol, but that flew out the window already so take advantage! The flights come with three different tastings so you’ll get a full taste of Italy. The bartenders are always super nice here and can help you with any recommendations!

Best Food Pick: After your flight, we recommend treating yourself to a gelato at the Gelateria Toscana just before leaving the pavilion. It’s perfect for a hot summer day and always light on your stomach. 

Expert Tip: Italy has perfect locations for some great views of the lagoon. So if you haven’t yet taken your pictures, we recommend doing it here. Plus, with many pavilions left, this might be your last chance to catch daylight, depending on the time you started.

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: The American Adventure 

EPCOT drink around the world - america

The American pavilion is your halfway point so let’s check in on how you’re feeling. Are you hungry? Thirsty for more?! If so, then this spot has you covered. While the theming may seem subdued compared to others, especially if you’re from the East Coast, it’s still an impressive building with a nice museum inside showcasing the beauty of our country. The American pavilion is also the location of the America Gardens Theatre which is where music concerts take place as well as the famous Candlelight Processional. 

Best Drink Pick: The Regal Eagle Smokehouse is our stop every time we’re in the American Adventure. And what’s more American than Jack Daniels?! Here, our go-to is the Tennessee Lemonade. Jack Daniels Whiskey is mixed with some refreshing lemonade and a hint of peach. It’s incredibly delicious and light to enjoy. You’ll also find American beer classics if Germany made you crave a taste of home.

Best Food Pick: If this is where you’re going to eat, you’ve got to try the BBQ. Ribs, burgers, and brisket are just some of the options. Rather than picking just one, our suggestion is to try any form of BBQ that suits your tastebuds!

Expert Tip: If you’re a fan of classic Disney art, be sure to head over to the Art of Disney store located at the far end of the pavilion. This boutique has lots to offer if you’re looking for an heirloom souvenir. Plus, they’ll even ship things home for you so you don’t have to worry about carrying it around!

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: Japan


Japan is hands down one of the most striking and beautiful pavilions in the World Showcase. With its massive pagoda and tranquil surrounding gardens, this pavilion really takes you to another world. With a massive gift shop that sells everything from food to clothing, to souvenirs, you’re bound to find something to take home.

Best Drink Pick: We always enjoy making a stop at the Garden House stand right behind the Pagoda upon entering for our drink. While others might recommend the Sake bar, we simply don’t like to waste too much time and enjoy grabbing a drink while exploring the pavilion. Our pick here is the Cucumber Cooler. It is very easy to drink and provides a light balance compared to other drinks you may have had throughout the day.

Best Food Pick: If you haven’t had a full meal yet, we would be remiss to not recommend Teppan Edo. This sit-down restaurant offers a really fun Hibachi experience that will make your top list. The filet here is to die for so make sure you have room!

Expert Tip: Inside the massive shop is a Pick-a-Pearl interactive experience where a cast member will open up oysters right in front of you and present you with a cleaned-up pearl. They’ll even make it into a custom jewelry piece for a fee. Talk about a unique souvenir!

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: Morocco

Morocco pavilion

If you’re ready for more, then make your way over to Morocco and get ready for some delicious fun! This pavilion is sadly not operating at 100% ever since Restaurant Marrakesh closed down, but it still has a lot to offer including surprise sightings of some famous Disney characters. With Spice Road Table and Tangierine Café still operating, you’ll still have lots of flavors to choose from. Plus, if you want to spend some time here, there’s always a cool exhibit that showcases the Saharan desert and all of the adventures that take place there. And let’s not forget the amazing photo ops with the gorgeous theming!

Best Drink Pick: We always head over to Spice Road Table for our Moroccan-inspired drinks and Iced Mint Tea is what we recommend for our next drink! Morocco is famous for its mint so why not add some gin to it? It’s smooth yet definitely packs a punch. (Don’t forget to hydrate!)

Best Food Pick: With so many great food options to consider, it’s going to be hard to pick just one, but we love the Naan Spreads. They pair really well with any drink and offer a light and not too filling snack!

Expert Tip: Morocco is home to the fireworks dining package. So, if you’re looking to end your challenge with some fireworks, consider purchasing a package so that you’ll have one of the best views from which to enjoy the show!

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: France 

France frozen drink

Before rounding the corner of the World Showcase, we’ve finally come to one of the best pavilions! France has TONS to offer and so many different food and drink options. It’s one of the most expansive pavilions and was recently expanded with the addition of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure ride. The pavilion is home to a whopping six different food outlets that all serve some of the best French food you’ll find in the States. Plus, with high-end shopping and the Impressions of France show, you could easily spend a couple of hours in this pavilion!

Best Drink Pick: Les Vins des Chefs de France is a small stand just in front of the pavilion and it’s home to our favorite drink in France. If you’re a fan of Grand Marnier, then this is going to be the drink for you. It’s a slushie that packs a lot of flavor and punch. Plus, you get it in a fancy-looking glass that’ll have you feeling that oh la la feeling!

Best Food Pick: The to-go window at La Crêperie de Paris is a must on your next visit. They are whipping up some amazing crêpes that you have to try. The Bechamel, Cheese, and Ham Galette is one you won’t soon forget. It’s incredibly rich and something you can share if you’re not too hungry. However, save room nonetheless because you’re going to want to eat it all!

Expert Tip: Since the France pavilion is so large, we recommend taking time to explore it all. Wander around and peek into every corner. Some boutiques are not so evident so be sure you don’t miss something by not exploring!

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: England 

Rose crown pub

Crossing over the “English Channel,” we find ourselves in the United Kingdom! With its beautiful town square and lots of colorful flowers, this pavilion is a great place to slow the pace down and enjoy the scenery. There have been lots of speculation that the long-awaited Mary Poppins attraction will soon come to life, but for now, we’re still keeping our fingers crossed. The UK also has neat shops that are worth visiting so make sure you haven’t spent all of your souvenir budget just yet! 

Best Drink Pick: The Rose & Crown Pub feels like a quintessential English pub with lots of dark woods and plenty of booze. They have a large beer selection, but we’re going to recommend the The Leaping Leprechaun. It’s got a lot of different flavors but still smooth and tasty.

Best Food Pick: Without a doubt, we’re going to recommend the Fish & Chips while in the UK pavilion. You can’t get any more English than this and it’s really good, too! Pair it with a Leaping Leprechaun and you’re ready for a great time!

Expert Tip: The UK pavilion is also home to another fireworks dining package. The Rose & Crown Pub offer a similar package to the Spice Road Table where you can enjoy a seated dinner with great views of the evening spectacular. These reservations fill up very quickly so be sure you think about this well in advance!

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: Canada

Canada WDW

O Canada we made it to the final stop in our Drinking Around the World Challenge! That’s right, if you’re still standing then you only have one more drink to go before you can wear the belt of a champion. After all, you’ve earned it! Canada is a beautiful pavilion that pays homage to the lush landscapes found in this beautiful country. With recreations of natural sceneries, you’ll want to pull the camera out for this visit. You’ll even get to see a mini castle built right into the landscape! 

Best Drink Pick: For our final drink, we’re going to finish very strong and recommend the La Fin du Monde Beer. It’s a high-ABV beer with lots of flavors. Admittedly, this beer is heavy so you might want to share it with someone, but it’s a classic Canadian flavor that you ought to enjoy!

Best Food Pick: You can’t go to Canada without trying some Poutine! Served at the Refreshment Port stand, this Canadian classic is a perfect way to start soaking up the alcohol given that it’s french fries with gravy and cheese. It’s a total cheat meal, but so worth it!

Expert Tip: Be sure to not miss the Lumberjack show that takes place here. It’s fantastic flannel fun and really entertaining! Showtimes vary so be sure to check the guide, but in our opinion, this show goes under the radar and it’s totally worth catching!

EPCOT Drinking Around the World: Final Thoughts

Nighttime show WDW

We made it! This officially completes our Drinking Around the World Challenge. After 12 drinks, you’re either ready for more or to go to sleep! Either way, we hope this guide gives you a good idea of what to expect. Admittedly this challenge is not for everyone and it really shouldn’t be. Remember, you have to do it in a way that makes sense for you. We gave you recommendations from each pavilion, but if you have two skip a couple, we won’t tell! It’s also likely impossible to eat at each pavilion so your homework is to map out what you’re interested in and create your own mini-strategy. The truth is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it. So, please enjoy this challenge responsibly and all that’s left to say is CHEERS!

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