Easter Egg Hunt Disney Style (April Disney Memory)

Going on an Easter Egg Hunt in the Midwest normally means cool and unfavorable temperatures.  Having lived in the Midwest all of my life and being a new Florida resident made me rethink our Easter Egg Hunt last April.  Instead of having it in our yard where the kids would become bored easily and want to do something new, why not have it at Disney?  Really, it is our home.  Our house is just where we sleep when we don't have a room at Disney World.  We packed up all of the eggs, baskets, and our flip flops and headed to Wilderness Lodge.  Spending time at the resorts is one of our favorite things to do so having our Easter Egg Hunt there, on the beach, near the water was a perfect way to spend a fine April day in Florida.  Due to the heat, we did take out all of the chocolate from the eggs since a chocolate-covered child was not my idea of fun and relaxation.

I hid the eggs near the beach chairs, the playground, under the trees, and around the tables and the kids searched, retrieved, and searched again for eggs for quite some time.  Few people go to the beach with the playground at Wilderness Lodge.  I think it is just a little bit off of the beaten path and people bypass it on their way to the rooms, the dock, and to the pool.  It is such a peaceful place.  My husband and I were able to sit, relax, and enjoy our beverages while the kids searched for eggs, dug in the sand, played on the playground and finally played tetherball.  All for free.  Did I mention it is free to enjoy the resorts?

While on the beach, we were able to watch the boats go to and from Fort Wilderness Campgrounds, the parasailers pass by, and listen to the waves crash at the edge.  If we had stayed just a little while longer, we could have enjoyed the movie on the beach near the marshmallow roast.  Our visit to Wilderness Lodge for the Easter Egg Hunt reminds me that even though people may be at Disney, that does not mean that they have to miss their holiday traditions.  Whether it is having an Easter Egg Hunt on the beach or putting up Christmas lights on a resort balcony, the magic of the holidays can definitely mix with the magic of Disney.  Spending time as a family while having fun is the goal of any holiday tradition and if it can be done free and at Disney, I am all for it!

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