Earl of Sandwich Disneyland Review

disneyland earl of sandwich reviewSadly, Earl of Sandwich is now closed in Downtown Disney with no official returning/reopening date. 

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Included in this Earl of Sandwich Disneyland review is a look at the unique atmosphere and our sandwich recommendations.

The Earl of Sandwich in Disneyland's Downtown Disney District is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal–while not breaking the bank. The restaurant opened just over two years ago and continues to be a very popular Downtown Disney destination with a line constantly out the door.

The restaurant is urban and contemporary, with a communal atmosphere, stemming from the seating style. Unlike normal quick-service restaurants with many separated tables, there are long tables, with benches, which fit about 10-12 people each.

After ordering your sandwich you are handed a pager, so that you can wander the area while your sandwiches are prepared. In my opinion, this is quite a refreshing break from standard quick-service restaurants in the resort.

Earl of Sandwich Disneyland Review

The sandwiches are wrapped in shiny gold foil, which has led to the nickname “The Gold Brick.” It is ALWAYS served hot, and in my opinion, is truly the world's greatest hot sandwich (which is their slogan).

Main Course

All of their sandwiches are amazing, and there's a sandwich for everyone. The best sandwiches include a Hawaiian Barbecue, a BLT, a Chipotle Chicken Avacado, and my favorite, the Holiday Turkey.

The Holiday Turkey is basically Thanksgiving between 2 slices of bread. There is a basic consensus online and in the Yelp reviews that this is the best sandwich. (If you disagree then speak up in the comments or on our Facebook page.)

earl of sandwich sandwich

Recently, we had the chance to preview Earl of Sandwich's new menu. They are adding a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich and Barbecue Chicken Sandwich. While I enjoyed the two new sandwiches, I still have to stick with my classic favorite of the Holiday Turkey.

earl of sandwich disneyland mac and cheese bacon

Another new addition is the fantastic Macaroni and Cheese topped with savory bacon. I really enjoyed this dish with the crispy bacon and creamy cheese sauce.

All of the sandwiches on their menu are delicious and have never disappointed. They aren't limited to simply sandwiches though; their menu includes wraps, salads, soups and delicious desserts.


earl of sandwich desserts

Included on the menu is a wide variety of bakery items. My favorite dessert is the vanilla bean cupcake. The cake itself is moist, and has vanilla bean filling inside. Recently added as a limited time item is the brownie bark. The bark consists of a crunchy rich brownie piece in what is almost a biscotti shape.


Drinks are sold on a free refill basis. Cups are offered for water as well.

[guestpost]Disneyland Pro Tip: Use the drink dispenser to fill up your water bottle with ice and water on your way into the parks after you eat. It is one of the only self serve drink dispensers at Disneyland.[/guestpost]

Earl of Sandwich is also a great place to stop by and eat after watching the Disneyland fireworks.

Service With a Mickey Sized Smile

I am very excited to say that Earl of Sandwich had some of the best service that I have experience at the Disneyland Resort. Considering that Disneyland is considered by many to be the most customer service oriented work place in the US, this is saying quite a lot and the Cast Members should be commended. The staff is helpful in making meal choices, quick to deliver food, and fun to chat with.

disneyland earl of sandwich leadership team

At the recent tasting event where the new sandwiches debuted, I had the chance to meet the Earl of Sandwich CEO, General Managers, and VP of Public Relations.

Discounts for Earl of Sandwich Disneyland

Disneyland Annual Passholders get a 10% Discount while AAA members get a 15% discount when eating at Earl of Sandwich.

earl of sandwich interior order

This restaurant truly is a lot more than just another sandwich shop, the line out the door should prove to you that Earl of Sandwich is worth stopping by. Leave a comment below if you have experience the magical Gold Brick Sandwich.

We review restaurants by a very special ranking system…with Mickey Mouse Gloves. The Earl of Sandwich earned 4 out of 4 Mickey Mouse gloves for being the best Disneyland sandwich spot.

mickey mouse four out of four gloves

We were guests of Earl of Sandwich when we sampled the new menu items. This didn't sway our view of the restaurant, I have visited countless times before trying the new items.

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